Cell Health Assessment

Trying to heal without knowing what your body is doing and why is like trying to drive with a blindfold on.

You aren't likely to get far.

Your cells are speaking!

🌟 temperature

🌟 pulse rate

🌟 fatigue

🌟 pain

🌟 sleep habits

🌟 mood

These all indicate where things are stuck

It isn't random and it isn't...

🚫 Age

🚫 Wheat

🚫 "Hormones"

🚫 Depression


It is your body screaming for attention!   

The state of the cell = the state of the body 

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Trying to heal without knowing what your body is doing and why it is doing it is like beginning a math problem at step 5

Doctors won't look, because they don't know, they don't have a model that includes all of you!!!! So, I have decided to offer the "Cell Health Assessment" aka: Why you feel the way you do…

1.5 to 2 hour

Custom Assessment

where we will go through: Chinese medicine, organ health, body energetics, Hormonal function, Detox function, Use of nutrients, Emotions and your body, Full Naturopathic intake and more

Full Hair Mineral Assessment

which will define: cell stress, nervous system stress, thyroid response at the cell, adrenal state, inflammatory state, if your body is using nutrients, how long the patterns have been there, plus Chinese medicine corollary elements like organ depletion and age impact

Home Data Collection

2 weeks of food, temp and pulse

Additional 1 Hour Session

Another 1 hour visit with me to give you a full written assessment that will answer every question you have ever had about why you feel the way you do and where the root is and how it all intersects.

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I can say, one thing I am truly exceptional at is being able to assess the root and see how it all got stuck like no one else!

This is Step One, no matter how long you have been healing, this is where to begin.


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