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It’s time to reclaim your health and vitality, so you can shift from surviving to thriving!


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Save my seat - I want to Thrive!
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Are you constantly feeling tired or fatigued, run-down or overwhelmed by lack of energy? Are you suffering from food, medicine, or environmental sensitivities that cause you pain, discomfort, or difficulty in life?

Has your body slowed down and your hormones gone so crazy that you feel disconnected and out of sync with yourself?

Feeling frustrated with your own body is a common symptom amongst people over 40s today. We often believe that it’s simply the end of our youthful years of vitality, health, and abundant energy. 


But that doesn’t need to be your truth.


Introducing the Thriving Health Program - the ultimate solution to identifying illness in your body and healing it naturally and with ease.

This simple 5 step process can realign your mental, emotional, and physical bodies so that you can overcome exhaustion, kickstart your metabolism and balance your hormones. It helps you gain energy, achieve balance, and feel full of vitality without counting calories, enduring diets or intense exercise regimes, or depending on expensive medications.

You deserve to feel like your most healthy self, free of pain, discomfort, and imbalance. 

You deserve to nurture and nourish your highest self by creating a bulletproof mindset that puts you on your priority list. 

You are worthy of the abundant energy your body is capable of generating so that you can live fully, intentionally, and with joy. 

Thriving Health is a system that helps identify the root cause of your unease,and  shows you how to implement precisely what your body needs to heal itself. This proven method enables you to step into your full power so you can finally thrive in your own body.

Imagine you are ready to fully commit to intentionally and purposefully making big changes in your life so that you can experience massive shifts in your health, wellbeing, and mindset…

In that case, you’re in the right place. 

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Watch my free masterclass now to learn more.

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Save my seat - I want to Thrive!

Here's What Others Are Saying...


Shaun Taft

Working with Dr. Julie has transformed my life mentally, emotionally, spiritually & physically. I am worthy of nurturing my highest and healthiest self!

Claire Trefla

Dr. Julie and her staff are friendly and compassionate. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a doctor who takes a whole body approach to healing.

Amy Osborn

Dr. Julie recommended specific testing and it has changed everything! My brain isn’t taken over by evil migraines. I don’t have week-long bad moods. And most importantly, my gut and I are now best friends.

Pamela Ramage

Dr. Julie was able to formulate a protocol for me, based on my results, to bring my body into balance. Shortly after starting the regimen, I was already experiencing clearer thinking and cleaner energy!