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Thriving Health


The Health Mentorship Journey for women who are hungry for life

Isn’t it time you transformed your health and shifted from barely surviving to absolutely thriving?

Your transformation starts here
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Let’s be honest for a second…

You have tried so many things

Maybe you have spent the last several years trying to heal

Program after program, book after book, supplements, diets, special foods, avoiding foods, meditation, shamans, functional med docs, hours wasted on google…but, you always ultimately end up back where you started.

You aren’t alone! 

95% of women have silent thyroid disorders that will never get addressed

60% of women over 40 complain of inflammation, autoimmune, fatigue or their offshoots.

And we are beginning to feel like this level of suffering is just “normal”.

Doctors are taught zero classes on vitality, stress response, terrain or how to heal…

their focus is all symptom trearment, and disease diagnosis.

What they don’t tell you, or even fully understand is the role of cell stress response.

Cell stress response is tricky…it isn’t adrenals, or a lack of b vitamins, or a need for more magnesium or selenium and it is a root cause of every health issue we have in the modern world!

I want you to know it is NOT your fault

Solving this isn’t something you should know how to do

It took me 20 years in practice after 6 years getting 2 degrees to put this all together

The medical model…yes, this is the same model used in alternative medicine is BROKEN!!!!!

Truth is…supplement companies and functional med programs live off of you needing more treatment and more products over time

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I call BS on all of that

You deserve the peace and freedom that comes with feeling vital, alive, free, at peace, balanced, in tune and in relationship with your body while also being able to eat, move and thrive in the world!

Imagine a life where: 

  • You say yes to every occasion to hike or kayak because you feel so good
  • You feel get to experience more sex and experience pleasure in your life
  • You feel calm, clear headed and sharp enough to plan glorious vacations and can trust your body will feel up to the whole thing!
  • You can play with your grandkids at the park!
  • You can tell your girlfriends you will be there for the next girls day out!
  • You feel capable of launching those dream plans: teaching that class, writing that book, writing that song, helping people heal!
  • You feel so GOOD!

This is the life that you deserve and that life that is possible for you.

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I have dedicated my entire life as a doctor to uncovering, finessing, and honing the real pieces behind true health and vitality cultivation to allow women to be free in ours body and lives.

Are You Ready?

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Your transformation starts here

Let me tell you my story…

I remember, I was on vacation with my family, it was Thanksgiving, I was up before everyone else because I couldn’t sleep.

My body hurt

I was so tired and wired

I didn’t want anyone to get up because they would NEED me and yet, I was bored and needed stimulation

My digestion was terrible

I craved coffee to keep me going and yet, the coffee messed me up…shakes, stomach upset, an on edge feeling.

My Libido was in the toilet!

Oh, and on this particular day, I was on my moon and feeling so STUCK in my body, with a headache of course!

At this point, I felt half perimenopausal with night sweats and mood swings and half PMS and anger…and I was in my early 30’s!!!


Your transformation starts here
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I had already done: 

  • Crossfit
  • Keto
  • Paleo
  • Autoimmune Paleo
  • All the tests
  • Chinese Medicine
  • Meditation
  • Thyroid supplements
  • Adrenal protocols

And…to add to the shame…I was treating people for the same things!

I began to wonder…what is the real root here?

I started asking myself questions….

Some of those turned out to be GOLD and the answers changed everything!!!

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I began to apply the principles I now teach in Thriving Health

and quickly, the following things began to happen: 

  • No PMS
  • No hard periods
  • No more headaches
  • Sleep got better
  • Digestion massively improved
  • Energy rebounded
  • Hair got glossy and full
  • Skin got more youthful
  • Sex became a thing!!!

The alarming rash on my face went away ( I had a lupus style rash that had begun to show up)

I was WARM again! No more cold hands and feet!!!

I had to learn not just how to feed myself and nourish my cells, but how to listen to me, how to let my body’s voice come forward, and how to honor my FULL human experience and still feel safe and held.

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HOW does it work???

Working with a mentor to help you achieve your healing is the most efficient way to not only GET results but to be able to learn from someone who has been there. Not only that, when she have treated (and healed!) thousands of cases over her career, it means that you are expertly held to be always seen, heard and understood for YOUR unique experience.

The most successful people all have a shared quality, they work with mentors and experts so they can reach their goal.  

For you… maybe that is finally feeling yourself again!!

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Your transformation starts here

My signature healing framework is designed to get you to vitality and show you how to stay there for your entire life!



Step 1: 

Identify the patterns.  

This phase is about more than biology, but biology plays a big part.  We will identify the patterns which are driving your body and being’s experience. I will show why you are having the health, life and mood experiences you are having and how long your body has used this adaptation strategy.  We will look at how your cells use nutrients, hormones, send signals, moderate body chemistry, moderate neurotransmitters, gut function, detox function and so much more.  AND…how this all relates to YOU, your emotions, past, history, loves, passions, desires, dreams and so much more.  In order to heal, these patterns are key, otherwise, the actions are all just guesswork based on symptoms…and symptoms are not root causes.

Step 2: 

Inhabit your body.  

The truth is, most people are living in their mind and NOT anywhere close to being in their body.  It is really hard to heal something you don’t want to relate to.  I teach a step by step framework of connecting to your body, clearing emotion and story that are currently stored in your tissues, and keeping you feeling stuck. I guide you and support you in freeing these things from your body so that your cells feel free to operate in health. We do this without having to go back into every trauma in your life and by giving our mind a break from trying to “process” and “frame” everything that has happened, as that model is NOT healing!!!  You will receive lifelong tools and skills to free up emotion, to work with energy circuits in your body and bring qi and vitality back into your organs.  Without this step, our cells will not trust the process and healing is very limited.

Step 3: 


This step is about using the cell patterns to feed you.  I will teach you how to use food, how to understand your body’s signals, how to use body data to check on cell response, and how to build hormonal integrity, reduce inflammation and build lasting energy without having to cut sugar, dairy and wheat out of your diet.

Step 4: 


We will use your cell patterns to address the key cell processes and nutrient deficiencies which are keeping your stuck and replenish your body to promote healing.

Step 5: 


So, one thing no one tells you about healing is that there is a thing that happens after about 6 to 9 months in process…it seems to fall apart.  This is when many change paths, switch it up..but it is a calibration point, and learning how to hold the challenging parts, and how to meet yourself through any situation is part of keeping this going. I teach you how to navigate this phase so you can move into the longevity state of healing and you don’t give up at the last hurdle!

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What's Included

  • Custom testing and evaluation to make all plans based on YOUR unique template
  • Custom energetic work designed an aligned with your body
  • Custom nutrition plan based on your constitution and cells
  • Custom Supplement and remedy plan based on your constitution and cells
  • Weekly coaching calls with 1:1 attention
  • Daily private message support
  • Private Group FB 
  • 100’s of videos/trainings/tools/recipes in the Members area
  • Unlimited 1:1 messaging with Dr. Julie
  • 1:1 sessions with your support healer
  • Access to Dr. Julie’s other programs that occur while you are in Thriving Health

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