I’m Dr. Julie Twomoon - Naturopathic Doctor, Oriental Medicine Practitioner, and founder of the Thriving Health Program. 

Over the last 20 years, I've helped hundreds of frustrated and fatigued women achieve balance within their hormones and body, restore their health and vitality, and shift from surviving to thriving.  

As a child, I would wake in the night crying with pain in my legs. My mother would sit in her rocking chair and cradle me until the pain subsided. One night, as she carried me towards the chair, I asked her to take me to the healing chair instead. Confused, she asked me which chair I meant. I told her the healing chair was the seat in her office on which she meditated.  Of course, she took me there, and I quickly fell asleep. 

My mother later told me that I had never seen her meditate in that chair, yet somehow I intuitively knew it was a place she had used for own healing for a long time.

You see, even as a child I understood that medicine doesn’t need to be complicated. 

Your body knows what it needs and if we follow the signs our body gives us, we can intuitively and easily create an environment in which healing can happen. 

This is the premise from which I have evolved my many years of medical training and experience. It’s why I’m so passionate about using your body’s signals and symptoms to unearth the root cause of illness and help you give your body what it needs to heal so you can experience the amazing vessel your body can be. 

I  graduated with a degree in Naturopathic Medicine and a Masters of Science (MSc) in Oriental Medicine. The basic principles of these modalities are that each person is unique and what is required for healing will differ from one person to the next.  The necessity to continuously evolve my practice and approach in order to personalize every treatment plan has taught me that illness manifests when we have become disconnected from what nourishes us most.  Meaning the foundation of healing is to repair the disconnect and harness the infinite healing power of the body through methods that allow us to return to a nourished state of being.

This is why I created the Thriving Health Program.

It is a culmination of the processes and methods I have used over the years to support women to eliminate fatigue, rebalance hormones, and shift their health into a place of energy and vitality on all of the physical, mental and emotional levels.


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