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Alarm signals

self-healing supplements Apr 12, 2021

Those alarm signals from your body that are keeping your cells stuck in survival mode, yes, the ones you aren’t even conscious of any more because they have been going on for 10 plus years, they are driving the exhaustion and hormonal melt down you feel.


I have bad news for you, diet and supplements aren't enough to turn those off, and the wrong pairings of food and supplements will make them worse.  See, those signals are for survival, literally, there is a part of your system which believes it is doing the essential job of letting you survive.  Which means, to get it to turn off, you are going to have to let those cells and systems know it is ok.


Another bit of truth, taking away the stress isn’t enough.  I can’t tell you the number of women I Have worked with who had quit their job, or moved, or left the toxic relationship or finally switched careers only to find it didn’t make them feel better.


Why??? Because that stress response has become the primary operating principle in your biology, all of your systems are tuned into it, almost like a radio station, every system believes it needs to keep doing it because it has been going on for so long.


Consequence, you have adapted your beliefs, emotions, organs, cells and more to this mode of function.  Which is what is making you feel like you are slowing fading away, or as someone put it the other day: 


“This is what it must feel like to be slowly dying”


Until the whole body understands it is ok, and has the resources to shut off those responses and has the needed nutrients to do the job and has the physical support and emotional and mental support to do so, it just won’t happen.


This is why women tell me all the time how they have done so many things…

Adrenal plans

Low carb

Cutting foods








But still feel like they are sliding into the pit more and more each month and can’t figure out why.  And yet, just yesterday, I saw a Functional Med Adrenal doctor posting about how it is all about those adrenals, but it isn’t this is about how YOU as a whole being have become a survival based human.


I know it all too well, I was here, living in survival, but thinking I was normal.  Vacillating between tired and jazzed, using tasks to keep me focused, driving hard all the time, often ignoring what my body needed or was saying, in fact, I look back and know I didn’t even hear my body’s real voice, because I think a part of me knew if I did, it would mean I would have to slow down and that felt impossible.  I was cranky often, didn’t sleep, didn’t want sex, would get very stiff and sore with exercise, but pushed to do it because I should or because I longed for my body to just act like I wanted.  I kept others at arms length because I wasn’t ready to receive help, love or to let them see how my facade was just that, a facade.


That is survival based living, and to the world at large, it actually looks like we are on task, on point and keeping it all together.


But, our body tells another story, one where it is trying to keep up with what our mind believes should be and we are masking most things that come up with calming herbs, energy boosting supplements, sleep aids like melatonin and CBD and figuring because they are natural they are normal and ok.


Until we let our body have what it needs, we cannot heal, something I had to learn myself.  My body didn’t just need rest, it needed repair and balance, it needed different combinations of food, and sweetness, and gentleness and to have a voice.


All things inherently essential in what I teach my clients.



Dr. Julie


If you are ready for more than living in survival, and have watched the 5 Steps To End Exhaustion Training, then, it is time we spoke about your life and future: www.drjulietwomoon.com/apply

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