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Energy Healing Exposed! Is It Really Enough to Achieve Deep, Sustainable Health?


Energy healing has been around for millennia, but it has pretty much exploded in the past few years. Despite the increase in popularity, there's still a lot of confusion and misinformation around it. Energy healing is definitely something you want to add to your health plan. However, it is not enough to achieve the deep and sustainable health improvements many of us are looking for. 

 Energy healing cannot single-handedly cure your thyroid, end fatigue, balance hormones, or take cells out of survival mode. So what can you do to get the most out of this modality? 

What is energy healing?

Let's start with what exactly energy healing is. Energy healing is the practice of activating energy centers throughout the body so you can channel and manipulate the energy flow to clear any stagnation or blockages. 

The frequency at which you are energetically vibrating (and everything is vibrating), and the flow of your energy, play an essential role in increasing the body's natural capacity to heal. 

Over the last few years, energy therapies have gained momentum. Reiki has become mainstream, energy healing is offered at prestigious academic health centers, and many celebrities and public figures are open about utilizing the techniques. A recent study of over 6000 people showed approximately 9% of them regularly use spiritual or energetic healing modalities. It's no surprise that many people rely on this practice as their primary method of shifting blocks, stagnation, and dis-ease in their bodies. 

Types of energy healing techniques 

There is a vast range of different techniques and modalities that incorporate energy healing in their efforts to restore balance to your body. 


These include Reiki, massage, Reflexology, Yoga, Magnetic therapy, Pranic healing, Sound healing, Shamanic healing, EFT, and many more.  

Some of the different methods used in Chinese Medicine include:  

  • Acupuncture uses tiny needles to stimulate the flow of energy in the body. 
  • Qigong is a combination of physical postures, exercises, breathing techniques, and conscious focus of the mind to improve the flow of qi (subtle energy of the body).  
  • Cupping involves placing heated glass cups on areas of stagnant energy (typically tense or painful areas) to release the blocks through suction.

As a TCM practitioner with over two decades in various modalities, I'm no stranger to energy healing. But I wanna let you in on a secret…


None of these techniques are enough to heal you on their own.   

It's All In The Cell


Isolating your health problems to being an energetic phenomena stops you from getting to the root of your issues and healing them properly. Energy healing is simply not enough to fix it by itself. 


Your body is a 3d structure. You have all the physical elements that make up the universe in your body. And those elements are going to be part and parcel of cell function. 


Your cells can't send messages without certain elements, minerals, or ions. Your physical structure can't function without them. And if we aren't catering from the cell all the way to the energetic field, and back then, we're negating our 3d reality and preventing our cells from doing their jobs…


Which is ultimately to support the self-healing capacity of our body. 


Watch this quick video for a breakdown of how energy healing and cellular healing need one another and how you can incorporate both of them for best results! 



One of the brilliant aspects of Chinese medicine, I believe, was that they never isolated the cell from the energy field. They saw them as this intertwined web and that you couldn't ignore one for the other. 


The fundamental shift in our healing (and being) happens when we work with our WHOLE self. Suppose we fail to give the cells the restoration they need. In that case, they will be the limiting factor on how big you can sustain a true energetic field strength because your cell is the generator.


Your cell is the physical root of the energetic system that will be able to expand you into bigger realms of creation.


To understand exactly what your cells are doing, where their health status is, and what they need to sustain your high vibration energy field, start with a Cell Health Assessment. This is really step one, and it breaks down everything you need to know about what to address and how to do so. 


If you're like me and love to understand the how and why of things, then grab my free training on building the Foundations of Cell Health. In this delicious pack, you'll find everything you need to finally understand the messages your body has been trying to send you. You'll learn how to communicate with and nourish your cells just the way they need….and in turn, nurture your energy field and finally achieve that deep, sustainable healing. 

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