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Awaken Your Mind-Body Connection to End Exhaustion and Rediscover Vitality

fatigue lifeforce Apr 30, 2022

I see you, Queen, raising kids and grandkids, building a career, nurturing a home, leading others, always going, and never stopping. 


I see you exhausted but pushing through it. I see you doing all the “right” stuff to stay healthy, denying yourself the “guilty” pleasures, but never quite feeling the benefit of it. Questioning “why am I so exhausted”? But never finding an answer. 


Well, you’re in the right place, divinely guided to this spot, right now, so you can rebuild your mind-body connection and finally end your exhaustion and feel alive again. 

What is the Mind-Body Connection? 


When we were kids, our mind-body connection was an intimate and innate relationship. Our body gave us signals, and we responded to them, no matter how subtle. We trusted, unquestioningly, in our body's ability to let us know what it needed. Likewise, our body knew that we would respond and fulfill her desires.

As kids, we would eat when hungry, sleep when tired, feel our emotions fully and deeply and express them unapologetically. 


However, by around six years old, most of us are conditioned to ignore the messages from our body: hold your hunger until you can eat at set dinner times, go to bed at a time your parents decide whether you are tired or not, sit still in class even when your body is telling you that she needs to move. It continues and deepens over decades…


  • Eat your vegetables even if you don’t want them
  • Don’t sleep in the car, or you won’t sleep at bedtime
  • Wake up at 7 am even when your eyes can barely stay open
  • Stress-cram study notes because you NEED to pass school this term
  • Take that soul-sucking office job because it pays better than your creative passions
  • Settle for the “good guy” because he’s good and stable, even if he doesn’t make you throb with desire
  • Give yourself relentlessly to motherhood no matter how exhausted you are


Putting the expectations of others (parents, family, school, work, society) ahead of our desire and pleasure ultimately cuts off the intuitive communication with our body. It quietens the messages to a whisper that we can no longer hear and leaves us pushing on through life without knowing or delivering what our body needs to keep going.  


Why Am I So Exhausted All The Time? 


We all know what it’s like to feel tired, and as adults, most of us drag our way through a morning or two on too little sleep every now and then. But in the case of cellular fatigue, it’s not always so obvious why you are tired. On occasion, there will be no apparent reason for your exhaustion, while other times, you may feel tired after an intense workout or at the end of a long day at work.


Exhaustion or fatigue itself is not a disease—instead, it can be thought of as a symptom of other underlying problems within your body that are causing symptoms to manifest in this way. As such, it's important to address the root causes of any issues instead of simply treating the symptoms themselves.


The root causes of exhaustion and fatigue are often far from obvious. Despite many medical methodologies still missing the mark when it comes to fatigue and cellular health, especially in women, one thing they all agree on is that the mind-body connection plays a vital role in our general health. 


Essentially, this disconnection from our physical body causes you to become stuck in a survival stress response mode. Watch the video below to find out exactly what that is, what it means, and how to correct it. 



Symptoms of Exhaustion 


Without that deep connection to your body and understanding the language she is talking, it becomes pretty normal to overlook health concerns. If you don’t pick up on the alert at the time, you are likely to perceive the complaint as an issue separate from any event/task/feeling that could be causing it. 

Unexpected indicators of exhaustion and stress response in your body include, but are not limited to: 

  • Issues with your hormonal cycle such as irregular or painful bleeding (did you know that periods are not supposed to be painful?!)
  • Infertility
  • Migraines
  • Depression
  • Insomnia or sleep problems
  • Digestive problems
  • Joint pains

What these messages/symptoms are really saying is “I have cells that can no longer adaptively respond to my life the way I want them to”. The only resolution is to stop controlling, stop pushing, and start feeling into that connection. It’s the only health care model that has been sustained through Centuries, creating a legacy foundation for innate healing capabilities. 


How To Get Out of Your Mind and Into Your Body


Recognizing the need for connection in and with your body is a huge step toward deconditioning the constant push mode that you have come to live in. Women need to access this type of feminine healing, away from the male-centric models of aggressively forced wellness.  

A great place to start is with my free Foundations of Cell Health training where I walk you through exactly how to hear, understand, and respond to these secret messages in a process of sacred reconnection to self as you finally learn to understand the hidden signals. 

Create a regular practice to deeply foster the mind-body connection so you can begin to feel into the signs your body is sending that you need to pay attention to a certain area. This is also a helpful exercise to do any time you notice negative self-talk cropping up. Here’s what I do…

  • Lay down with your hands on your body.
  • Notice your breathing and sink into a rhythm of oneness.
  • Ask your body questions like what does she desire or what does she need, and really listen for her answers. These may come as a physical sign, a subtle niggle somewhere, or an intuitive knowing that presents.
  • Scan your whole body, connecting with each part as you move through it and notice how it feels physically and energetically. Is there anything out of the ordinary? Is there somewhere that needs attention from you? 
  • Find your place of balance and pleasure. Take a moment to connect to this deep-rooted pleasure and thank your body for simply being here. 

Regardless of whatever else is going on in life, your body is the one being you can count on to desire what is best for you. 

It's you and her. Honor her by consciously awakening the mind-body connection that allows you to speak the same language. 

This ability to interpret her messages is one of the key pieces for how to end exhaustion and cultivating strong, vital force. 

Once you know exactly what your body is doing and why you can start to recognize patterns or shifts in behavior as you nourish her with exactly what she needs when she needs it. Sign up for your Cell Health Assessment now; it’s the perfect process to cultivate this new relationship with yourself.

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