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Are you making it worse?

diet mindset supplements Apr 26, 2021

Those Supplements you keep buying, the special herb formulas for “people just like you”, even the Thyroid meds you might have been given aren’t what your body really needs.


So much of the health industry isn't looking at what is really happening in people’s bodies, not considering if the body can even use nutrients, not considering if the organs are actually too tired, burdened and weak to respond to those herbs, not considering if there is enough support in the cell and system to do much at all with hormonal messages, and yet, that is the major dogma.


I know you are concerned about your health, wondering why your body holds so much inflammation, why it is so tired, why your sleep, mood, digestion, skin, libido and mind have been impacted when for the most part everyone says there isn’t anything big to give attention to.


I know how you have been lured by FB posts for the super greens, the diet teas, the mushroom powders and more,...

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Alarm signals

self-healing supplements Apr 12, 2021

Those alarm signals from your body that are keeping your cells stuck in survival mode, yes, the ones you aren’t even conscious of any more because they have been going on for 10 plus years, they are driving the exhaustion and hormonal melt down you feel.


I have bad news for you, diet and supplements aren't enough to turn those off, and the wrong pairings of food and supplements will make them worse.  See, those signals are for survival, literally, there is a part of your system which believes it is doing the essential job of letting you survive.  Which means, to get it to turn off, you are going to have to let those cells and systems know it is ok.


Another bit of truth, taking away the stress isn’t enough.  I can’t tell you the number of women I Have worked with who had quit their job, or moved, or left the toxic relationship or finally switched careers only to find it didn’t make them feel better.


Why??? Because that...

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Beyond Food & Supplements

diet lifeforce supplements Jun 03, 2020

Are you going beyond exhausted?

A few weeks ago after a massive project and tons of family obligations, I found myself beyond exhausted.  As I tried to rest, finding that even laying down felt like it took effort, I reflected on how I used to live in that place.

Where everything made me feel guilty…

My kids wanting to do a museum day and all I could think of was how will I make it through..maybe they have benches

My husband wanting a date night and I couldn’t imagine holding my attention long enough to pretend to take part in a conversation

My friends wanting to meet for coffee and I was wondering if I could bow out easily

So tired that I wanted to cry and yet, not having words to explain to everyone just how tired I was, and feeling like they wouldn’t get it anyway, after all, what did I have to show for just how exhausted I was.

Sure, like everyone, I worked, and shopped, cooked food and did household things, but it's not like I moved...

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