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The Alchemy of Healing


Healing, for me, is a deep part of WHO I am. It’s in my very core. It’s the reason that I chose a medical specialty with such deep roots: that ingrained purpose and values permeating through it. The alchemy of healing is a magical blend of energy, intention, medicine, commitment, and community. It’s more than just popping a pill and hoping for the best. 


What is lineage and why does it matter?


On the first day of medical school, my teacher started talking about the alchemy of healing, about principles and whole patterns and a tradition of medicine that was rooted in perpetual observation and connection to the root. It blew my mind


The traditions and history of Chinese Medicine were astounding to me. With that history came a lineage that you as a learner were initiated into. Who you learned from and who they learned from has always been important in traditional societies, where people ask what your lineage is. 


People want to know that you have been taught by reputable teachers. This establishment of lineage defines your understanding of the practice. It indicates your ability to carry out the necessary actions, and your connection to the traditional and ritual aspects of medicine. 


When you take those actions, when you use those principles, you're drawing the energy, the intent, the knowledge, the foundational principles from these hundreds or thousands of years of lineage. Of learning and building knowledge and connection. 


When we operate from legacy, we always have a place to live. We always have a place to find our stability. It gives us a solid root to grow from. 


The alchemy of healing


This process of accessing your lineage in order to operate from the root of whatever we're trying to experience or heal felt so aligned to me. 


Healing is an alchemical process. But the reality is that it's not the chemical reaction that makes the difference. It's the force that pre-dates the chemical reaction. Accessing the alchemy of the body, the unseen, the vital energy. Healing is actually what's unseen.

It’s the alchemy of healing that connects us to the root cause of illness, takes us back to our roots in health, and in unraveling the legacy knowledge of our lineage so that we can understand what is out of balance. 


This collusion with the vital force is how we access the alchemy of healing. It’s how we tap into our history, community, the divine in and around ourselves. We go back to our roots. 


And if you’ve heard me talk about healing before, then you’ll know that the root is THE most important part of your growth. 


I invite you to join me for my morning musings in the video above, on the importance of legacy and finding our roots and how that impacts the alchemy of healing in our bodies, our lives, and our world. 

I hope that your day is filled with alchemy.

For anyone who really wants to know what the alchemy of their body is doing, you can start with a
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You can also tap into this legacy knowledge and rediscover the divine within yourself in Thriving Health. 

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