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Are Vitamins Really Necessary?

Uncategorized May 09, 2013

There will forever be a debate about if and how much vitamin support is needed for a healthy long life. Some believe that everyone needs a multi, B vitamins, and minerals; others recommend replacing every nutrient in large amounts citing the declining state of our soil and thus the declining mineral and vitamin content of our foods.
Others advocate for a strong diet with minimal accessory supplementation used only to make up for what cannot be found sufficiently in the diet. Each side has good arguments and in reality, both sides are right. However, taking vitamins is not as simple as just taking a capsule or a tablet, because none of these nutrients were supposed to enter our bodies as little pills.

Pills have a drawback that cannot be surmounted; they represent a manner of medicine unfamiliar to our bodies. No matter how many years someone has taken them, vitamins are not normal. That being said, sometimes we must supplement what our food is lacking, but only after we have ensured that the food we are eating is as strong as it can possibly be.  Food is the original medicine, it is still the strongest medicine and without modification to what we eat, nothing will ever significantly change in the body. Many operate on an in moderation philosophy, meaning that they figure if they are on target about 75% of the time, the 25% that they are not will not matter. Were we just talking calories and fat and sugar, this would be true, but in our modern world, we are taking GMO (genetically modified) stew with added pesticide, hormone and fungicide meaning that even that 25% can cause dramatic derailment of even the most strident efforts. GMO foods have been shown to cause dramatic cellular disruption to the point of cancer growth and cell death.
Consequently, small amounts of ingested frequently cause damage too.  Eating GMO foods however cannot be surmounted by supplements because these foods do not just cause deficiencies, they cause cellular disease, disease that occurs at the level of the DNA, having more B vitamins cannot overcome DNA damage that is ongoing.  In addition, GM foods cause toxicity, creating a burden on the already often taxed detoxification pathways of the body. As if concern over foods were not enough, GM technology is highly used in vitamin production its self.

Vitamin manufacturers have turned to GM technology in a few ways to speed up production of vitamins to meet the growing demand of consumers in the marketplace. The first way GM technology is used is in the raw materials from which vitamins are made. Much of the corn and soy grown in the US is used to make vitamins; consequently, if you buy a vitamin E that is not labeled GMO free, it more than likely is from GM soy.  Much the same can be said about vitamin C and some B vitamins too. The second major way GM technology is used in vitamin manufacturing is through the use of GM bacteria to grow vitamins.  Use of bacteria to produce vitamins has been a long-standing process, as many of the vitamins in the body and in the soil are the result of bacterial fermentation. However, GM bacteria are not normal, and they can produce much-altered products that themselves are altered too. The end result of all of these GM vitamins is that the body gets given something intended for health but which has been altered using the same science that caused the cellular damage and deficiencies for which the vitamins were being taken in the first place. Therefore, taking these vitamins will never be worth it.

Food must be the first medicine, then GM-free vitamins added only after a fully 100% GM-free diet has been employed. Skipping the diet step will lead to failure, thinking that a little GM vitamin won’t hurt will lead to failure, and thinking that anyone can eat poor quality food and overcome its effects with vitamins of any kind GM or not will lead to failure. Vitamins were meant to be used in short bursts, to replace and replenish when the body was weak, then to stop them and let the body take over. Using them as medicine honors both the power of the nutrient it’s self and the immense power and strength of the body to survive and thrive. 

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