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Are You Doing Fats Wrong?

diet Apr 19, 2021

Fats are a big topic in health and healing, and much of what is out there isn’t great, reality is, we need fat, in particular saturated fat, but not in massive amounts like some would claim, and running our body on fat is a rather perilous path.


First, you use saturated fats and cholesterol to make your hormones, so you need them in your diet in order to maintain hormonal function.  However, if your metabolic furnace is running slow, you cannot put them to use very easily, and consequently, adopting a high fat diet with cells stuck in slow motion is a recipe for disaster.  


If we add to this the reality that most of the fat consumed by Americans is in the form of PUFA oils like sunflower, safflower, soy (soy oil is the most widely used oil in the restaurant industry) and canola.  In 2016 nearly 80% of the fat in American diets was from these fats.


Many facing exhaustion and hormonal issues read that switching to a diet high in butter, coconut oil and lard can be good for healing.  Although those are the best fats, increasing them without paying attention to your cell state, the function of Thyroid at the cell, liver capacity for detox, the movement of lymphatic tissue, the strength of the Spleen and your overall state of energy production can produce disastrous results. 


Most people need a moderate to lower fat diet in healing, where the emphasis is on promoting cell energy via use of carbohydrates, which then invigorates Thyroid use and function rather than promoting use of fats to enter ketosis as is the most commonly promoted trend at the moment.


See, the moment you enter ketosis, you switch your cells into what can best be called biological survival mode, thus, ensuring your body can continue to function without its primary fuel source...carbohydrates.  In this state, many functions are shifted to lower energy states to support the limited capacity of fat to produce ATP, the base unit of energy in the body.  


Now, if low energy wasn’t enough challenge, the other issue of rapid fat burning is toxicity.  Most people fail to recognize what happens when large amounts of fat are quickly liberated...you liberate all the toxicity stored in that fat too.  The biggest issue here is, if your liver isn’t working correctly, and doesn’t have the cell energy to process the metals, pesticides, hormones, plastics, and more stored in that fat, you will unduly burden your system with compounds it cannot process, thus, possibly increasing your toxic load and creating more damage.


When I work with clients, we gently increase cell energy and work on the communication between systems BEFORE we begin to work on diet.  This may seem backwards to some, but, truth is, if your cells and systems are on lock down, trying to make them change how they operate by suddenly shoving in new food rules can spell disaster.  


Once we do work with food, we do so in a balanced way, paying attention to Thyroid function, cell energy, Spleen function, liver function and ease of digestion first, not weight loss.  Fats play an important role here, and when balanced for best hormonal function while also encouraging our body to use carbohydrates as the primary fuel source, with adequate and easily digestible protein, we can quickly shift the body out of stress and into energy production without causing toxic overload.  


The best part is, with cell energy increased, organs that are happy and a real balance of fat, protein and carbohydrate available, our body will detox with ease, eliminating toxicity and enhancing metabolism without creating any stress.


This is how we use food for balance and longevity.

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