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Are you an animal?

diet self-healing Apr 05, 2021

I watched a pair of ducks fly over my house yesterday, they were mere feet apart, headed together to their next destination and I wondered...how do they tell each other where they want to go? 

Is it a particular quack or the way they bend their wing or is it even more subtle than that...body communication or even mental communication?

It got me thinking about animals, how they sleep when they need sleep or eat when they need to eat, how they don’t obsess over food, or how they know what plants will serve them or what foods are ideal right now.

Their body communication and awareness is awesome, beyond awesome, never hung up on little stuff that in the end doesn’t matter.

Is it any wonder then that we rarely see sick animals in the wild? Think about it, you don’t see them hardly ever.

Did you know that when bears wake up, one of the things they do is search out OSHA or bear root and eat it because it is anti-parasitic and will cleanse their body after being in a hibernation state all winter?  See, they know that all that half-slumber and slowed metabolic rate has meant the conditions were ripe for parasites to germinate, so they eat something to help their body recover.

It seems to me that rarely in our healing do we get instruction or help to hear or feel into that body wisdom, heck, all I need to do is scroll Facebook to see tons of people advocating for the “crush” this aspect of your body or “make this other part behave” it seems like the constant message is that our body has no wisdom, and that “we” as the outer and smarter force needs to be constantly vigilant or it will all go awry.

Does that even make sense?

How could it be we have been born into the one animal body on the planet who lacks body wisdom? How can it be that we missed out on that part of life? 

We didn’t, it's just that our societal system and our medical system most of all, has no belief in our innate ability to tap into body wisdom and partner with our systems to actually heal.

How sad is that? The system doesn’t believe in it.

I don’t have to look far for evidence of this, sadly, most doctors will tell their patients that diet has no relationship to their healing...oh...except when sitting across from someone overweight...then they give speeches about how that person needs to cut back...always telling them to cut back.

But never telling us how to listen in, or how to partner food to our systems, or how to exit our slumber wisely like the bear.

I believe it is inherently necessary that we learn how to partner food to our systems, and how to cultivate awareness of what our body really needs and how to use specific foods to nourish ourselves and grow vitality or even dispel those pesky invaders like parasites.

I teach this to all my clients too, the ways to really begin to know and understand what it takes to heal and how to cultivate daily.

Reality is, you are an animal on this planet, and you do have innate knowing, and that innate knowing is part of your vitality and healing if you just learn how to tap into it, and with that, I can help.

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