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Are you making it worse?

diet mindset supplements Apr 26, 2021

Those Supplements you keep buying, the special herb formulas for “people just like you”, even the Thyroid meds you might have been given aren’t what your body really needs.


So much of the health industry isn't looking at what is really happening in people’s bodies, not considering if the body can even use nutrients, not considering if the organs are actually too tired, burdened and weak to respond to those herbs, not considering if there is enough support in the cell and system to do much at all with hormonal messages, and yet, that is the major dogma.


I know you are concerned about your health, wondering why your body holds so much inflammation, why it is so tired, why your sleep, mood, digestion, skin, libido and mind have been impacted when for the most part everyone says there isn’t anything big to give attention to.


I know how you have been lured by FB posts for the super greens, the diet teas, the mushroom powders and more, all because you are getting to the point where you wonder if it will ever change.


I also know how tired you are of trying, how many times you thought the new diet or new supplement plan was going to work, and then didn’t.  


I know because my clients have all been where you are, and I know because that model is BROKEN!


Reality is, our system is way more complex than they teach in medical school, or functional nutrition courses, or even in Naturopathic Medical school, there are relationships beyond the blood and tissue, where we have to start talking about system adaptation and movement at the micro level between systems and how it all relates.  


For you, what all this means is, the more congested, stuck and inflamed your system, the fewer and fewer supplements your body can take, the more suffocation at the cell level, the more wear down in the organ systems and the deeper that goes, the less our system can respond to stress. 


Why does stress matter? Because trying to diet a fatigued body is stress, trying to move a lagging system more is stress, trying to plug every possible metabolic hole with supplements is stress, taking the wrong things for your condition or constitution is stress, using hormones without having given the cells the ability to respond is stress, not learning how to work with your thoughts and feelings is stress….


Do you see it? The flaw is often the exact plan people are given.  


Now, note, I am not talking adrenal issues, although I mention stress a lot, the stress I am speaking of is BIGGER than any one system, which is also why so many spend years trying to treat Adrenal issues without results.


We are talking about a deep state of lagging vitality, resulting in suffocation to cell systems, an inability to clear toxicity, an inability to clear inflammation, an inability to take in nutrients, an inability to send good signals cell to cell and an inability to respond to hormonal impulses.


This is where most women are living now.  


Sad but true, to date, I have never evaluated a woman over 40 to find she was balanced.


But this can change, step one is throwing out the old model, stop trying to push your body with supplements and super diets, stop trying to make health happen and partner with your system to learn what it really needs and how to meet that need.  


We are glad you are here, please share what brings you here and what you hope to see change!

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