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Are you standing in your own way?

lifeforce mindset May 30, 2021

Are you standing in your own way? 

It's a really important question, especially when it comes to your healing.

We stand in our own way by thinking that we just need to try one more restrictive diet, cut out five more foods or find the perfect blend of supplements, adaptogens, or herbs.  We do it by chasing that one thing...hormones, gut, mold, EBV, food allergies and more.

We do it by figuring it is just our emotions, our mind, our energetic pathways, or our past and trying to isolate down to the ONE event, issue or problem we have to solve.  Now, I get it, wanting it to be ONE thing, it seems easier, but, truth is, it has never been and will never be just ONE part of you that is exhausted, it is all of you and it is real

Operating this way creates a blockage in our healing because it takes us out of association with our body as a whole, tends to isolate us into our head and cuts us off from what our body and our real emotional state is going through.

To heal, it is essential that we learn to allow the DIVINE nature of our body and our being to work in its wisdom.  We don’t get there by pushing, excessive worry, over-research or doing a million plans in hopes that one thing will work.

Let me ask you, is WHOLE being healing your zone of genius?

I ask because one of the most worrisome ways I see women block healing is to assume they will figure it out.  Now, please know, I am not saying you can’t, or doubting your resolve, but, really, is it serving you to try to put the pieces of the most complex system in creation back in order with some gathered info off the internet, from blogs, and YouTube videos from an exhausted, stuck worn out place with no knowledge or understanding of how your system actually works or what your cells are saying?

You likely have someone else fix your electric, plumbing, repair your roof, fix your car, and sadly, all of those systems are like Lincoln logs in comparison to the complexity of your body.

Your Body is a creation miracle.  

Years ago, I sat in my first Classical Chinese Medicine lecture in my Masters program, and the Professor began to talk about the relationship between our body and nature, about the dynamic nature of the organ systems, and the micro communication between them and how it played into functions the western medical system hadn’t even begun to understand.  He spoke about the relationship between emotion and organ, between our attention and focus and the ability of the blood to flow and nourish.  What I learned in that first class was just how little we actually know about this complex system, and how much it matters.

That was over 20 years ago, and I am still learning.

I also learned as I went through that program how essential it is we learn to get out of the way of healing, to access wisdom we do not have and to constantly work with deference and reverence to the immense majesty of our systems.

In short, I learned that most of real healing is knowing when to get out of the way.

Which means, knowing when to not act, and how to support without impeding, to know how to see where the real issues are despite what symptoms say...because sometimes they are misleading, to know when to push and when to surrender.

Because despite what many others will tell you, it isn’t all action, some of it is learning the art of doing less, and letting go more, and some of it is knowing where to act and in what timing.

My clients learn to read these cues in themselves, how to work with those energies, how to support and nourish and how to let go when needed.  In the process, they do become better experts in their body, in their being, and learn how to partner with their WHOLE being for the rest of their lives.

It isn’t easy, but it sure beats having bought every supplement out there for sleep and adrenal fatigue only to wonder where the results are.

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