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Brute barracudas

Uncategorized Nov 11, 2019

I was watching the new Jack Ryan series the other day ...yes, I do watch shows.  But I noticed again, the female spy was portrayed as the sexy seductress, willing to use her feminine charms to gain information and get what she wants and she could take a beating as well as any of the male characters. 

What it made me think of isn't so much the sexualized nature of women but the fact that the things given for us to aspire to are either:

Brute force and iron will...push through no matter what


Be a certain variety of sexy, thin and beautiful or not get anywhere

It's no wonder we chase external barometers of our health.  So many women have grown so accustomed to feeling poorly that they are willing to do crazy things to look better even if they don't cause them to feel better, just to keep up with these external ideals.

Some examples from people I have actually known:

A woman who was tired, angry, depressed and lonely in her marriage who got breast implants to save her marriage.

A woman who hadn't slept more than 3 hours per night in 10 plus years but who was considering another round of HCG...a 500 calorie diet because she believed if the weight was less she wouldn't be so unhappy.

A woman who had chronic pain, exhaustion and anxiety but who was going to have gastric bypass even though the doctors warned her it could make those things worse because of the damage it would do to her mineral and vitamin metabolism.

Real scenarios of women choosing to take drastic action, just not where it would matter because they thought if they could look better they would be able to endure the real problems better. 

Will breast implants make you happy? Not likely especially if the issue is a failing marriage, brain imbalance, inflammation and disrupted biochemistry. 

Will going on a diet to force your body to take off weight without any regard to the exhaustion, hormonal issues or biochemical problems cause your life to be amazing? Never, because the reasons you are unhappy will go unaddressed.

Have you ever heard the caution...if you aren't happy and healthy now, even winning the lottery won't bring that to you ...also why most lottery winners are bankrupt within 10 years.  They were trying to medicate their fatigue, inflammation, despair and decline with things.

Point is, being thin won't matter if you have not healed the whole body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Chasing thin has caused millions of women to die slow painful deaths while their doctors and family say…" but you look so good ".

We have a crisis in healthcare right now, we are ignoring the rapidly expanding issue of biochemical exhaustion and the growing numbers of women with silent Thyroid disorders.  We are waiting until some MD's labs finally confirm illness and sadly, by then, it is often way too late.

Beauty, real beauty is based on vitality, vibrance, being able to be balanced, to have fun, to play and create and enjoy the moments.

A strong metabolism isn't burning calories, it is having a body that can self heal, sleep, enjoy sex, stay warm, feel inspired, be strong, have choice and craft whatever future we desire.

The women I choose to work with get this, they want brilliance, choice, power, transformation and deep connection, not bandaids, body domination, fake hyped plans and more "let's all drink celery juice" false panacea offerings.

They know their health is their only asset worth anything...just ask Steve Jobs.

They know they are what holds their family together and putting off their health until everyone else has gotten theirs isn't caring or compassionate, it is selfish because they are the one choosing to leave their family in misery, despair and agony.

We are powerful!

We are essential to the balance of the world!

We are the mothers, daughters, grandmothers,  and wives of those we love most and we are responsible for our future.

Stepping into our power means telling these false images of being a woman to shove off.

We don't need to be and do everything.

We don't need to be thin to be worth something.

We don't all need to be brute barracudas.

We need to be vital, calm, thoughtful,  happy, rested, strong, healthy, vibrant and truly alive!

This is what a strong woman really is...

What a real woman really is. 

In traditional societies, women are the voice of reason, the voice of the future, the force that reminds us to be nurtured,  rested, compassionate, joyful and proud. 

But we can't be that if we are exhausted and ignoring it ...if we are in pain and denying the impact, if we are angry, anxious, crumbling and pretending nothing is happening.

The world needs you!

Your family needs you!

Your community needs you!

But first, you have to own what you have been denying for so long….

It is time to get real.


Dr. Julie and Thriving Health

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