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Case Study: Beth

Uncategorized Apr 30, 2019

Beth came to us with 50 extra pounds, exhausted, worn down, not sleeping, angry and sullen often, stressed out and hormonally unbalanced with PMS, menstrual headaches, tendency to migraines, loss of libido and joint pains.

She worked with us for 20 weeks and here is what she experienced: 
Dramatic improvement in energy
Feeling calm, peaceful and joyful again
Sleep much improved
Release of PMS
Release of Headaches
Joint Pain Gone
Weight: moving, but more importantly, she learned that she had been under-feeding herself for YEARS and now, she is in the process of feeding her metabolism and healing it
Her libido is returning (happy husband)
Release of excess estrogen and better Thyroid balance
Return of creativity

Beth is a challenging case, she is working on solving what amounts to 30 years of wear down, considering she was anorexic as a teen, and diagnosed with PCOS then as well. She now gets how to be nourished, how to relax and actually enjoy life and she knows it only gets better from here now that she has the tools.

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