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Coffee Shop

Uncategorized Nov 08, 2018

So, I'm standing in line at a coffee shop the other day, overhearing a group of women speaking about their lives.  As I stood there, I was struck by the tone of their conversation.

So much of their conversation centered around what wasn’t working in their lives... how they don't feel well and even how their husbands don't feel well, work troubles, political troubles, worries about almost everything you can think of. In the midst of all this,  there were descriptions of feeling like they perpetually had the flu, and having pain in their jaw, and being worried about future health issues.

Now, I could tell we're in the same age group and they're talking about their meds and how they perpetually feel like they have the flu, and I thought, how wrong are we? How long are we going to do this so wrong before we just get fed and say, that’s it... let's change it.

You know my parents are in their seventies, they’re not on any meds, they don't feel like they have the flu all the time, they can take vacations where they walk 13 miles a day and thrive.

That's a vast difference between a 40-year-old who's already on meds and feels like they have the flu all the time.  Now, maybe it is normal to you, but it strikes me as so odd because there doesn't seem to be any anger or unjustness about these conversations when I overhear them. It seems to be also usual like people have accepted it.

This is just how life goes.

Now, it also comes as no surprise that same conversation, these women were talking about how they have no time for themselves, they never get to just sit down and of course that's part of the reason they feel so overwhelmed and old.  

But, sadly, if they only understood time is a construct which will conduct its self based on the relationship you craft with it. Too many people are buying into the construct that time is outside of them and controlling them, and when we operate from that place, it is near impossible to find time much less health, vitality, vibrancy, or even power.  

Now, I hear this all the time...I don’t have time….I can’t control my schedule….I can’t control the stress...but truth is, if I dissected your life, I could find places where you could create a new relationship with time.  

To do this, number one is, likely, you are spending time on things you don’t love, and crafting your life on obligation versus blessing.   

Number two is, it’s likely you're letting other people dictate how time works in your life.

Number three is you’re over committing yourself because of a perceived obligation that life is business and if you're busy, you're successful, and that's just not true.

The reality is,  you're successful at every level of your person,  when you're operating with an awareness of every level of your person, meaning your life has richness in mind, body, emotion and spirit, and you're recognizing that those are all dynamically interconnected, beautiful aspects of being a creature living on this planet.  

But too often, our lives get hyperfocused in only one area….just the physical (diets, supplements, specialty this and that) or just the mental (mindset tricks, hacks, and performance elevators) or just the emotional (positive thinking, mind over matter, and abundance visualization) or even just the spiritual (meditation, mantras and more).

Problem is, our JOY and by extension, our health, our vibrance, our unlimited potential nature isn’t found in isolation, and we often deviate to the path we find the most ease in adhering to.

What I have observed is, people who love the etherial space of the spiritual will delve in here and negate their physical bodies participation in that experience because that work feels too heavy, too hard, those who love to delve into the physical predominantly, will neglect to feel their feelings because it creates discord and even pain.

But the thing is, like those women in the coffee shop, we are suffering, and our bodies hurt because we haven’t been honoring them, and our mind is foggy because it needs to be nourished, we feel disconnected because our cells are the link between the here and the realm of the DIVINE and amidst all of it, we have been hiding from the emotional pain for so long it now frightens us to go there.

But what other path do we have?


Flu-like pain all-day

Constant bitching

Multiple pain meds

Doctors visits

Feeling old

Feeling lost






Seriously, these women were the perfect personification of what is becoming the norm...looking great on the outside but telling a story of emptiness and fear so profound, it made my heart hurt.

As I drove away, the lack of joy hung in the air, and I thought, I'm living in a society of people who are focused on their discontent because they have no path to their joy.

To which I thought...that's because deep down, the paradigm is structured around joy being something outside of us, and we're all out there searching for it.

But joy isn't something outside of us, joy is something inherently connected to the totality of us.  it's connected to how our cells work, to our emotions, to our life purpose, to our GENIUS.

Truth is, I will guarantee you, every single one of you has a genius….it isn't reserved for just some people.

You have a genius.

You have the ability to live life joyfully in alignment with your DIVINE purpose and as a consequence refuel your essence and your cells every day just by being you.

Getting here requires that we feed our body, that we nourish ourselves, we feel our feelings, we move with gentleness and awareness,  we breathe into ourselves, we have time for stillness and treat our body as the vehicle of that genius expression in the world. Not as the thing holding us back.

So, let me as you

Can we live full, vibrant lives if we don’t get into alignment? If we never get refuelled? If we never get renourished?

When's the last time you felt real joy?

When's the last time you really played?

When did you last really laugh?

When's the last time you felt carefree and connected?

When is the last time your body joined you in feeling these ways?

It shouldn't be so long ago. It shouldn't feel so distant.

I have a little bit of truth for you. This can be you now.

Now, to get there, things in your life will have to change, you may have to adopt new patterns, you may have to dramatically restore your body, it might even be difficult at times.

But could it ever be harder than living life as an angry, empty, disconnected shell of a woman?

Doing this takes a sincere desire to say, [email protected]#k this example of life... I’m better than that, I deserve more than that, I WANT TO LIVE.

If you are here, it is time to book a call with us and let us see if we can help you!


Dr. Julie


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