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Dialed in or Dialing Down?

Uncategorized Feb 25, 2020

Stress is really high right now, so many things to pay attention to in the world, it is as if the only stories we can find are ones where tragedy has struck.

Have you ever thought about what all that “news” does to our own life?

I know, on the one hand is the desire to stay aware and on the other the desire to turn it off.  I often wonder if the constant news cycle is creating more stress, which then creates more exhaustion which then creates more pain, panic, and guarding.

The thing is, our body doesn’t know the difference between being guarded from an event we read about or one we live through.

We cannot change society or build up peace from a state of guarded pain. This is key, Einstein said: 

“You cannot solve a problem from the same mindset that created it.”

Yet, isn’t that what we are living right now?  Pain, exhaustion, worry, fear, panic...that’s where many are existing, day after day, is it any wonder we see this presentation is self in the world around us?

I know you want a different future, I know you have dreams of change and beauty and love and joy, that’s why you are here.  But, survival, just existing, eeking by, treading water within you is not the path to change.

Change, real change begins within us, it has to, where else would it start?  Lives of vibrancy and vitality, of peace, joy and expansion begin INSIDE us.

This is key, in Classical Chinese Medicine, we understand that the body is a microcosm of the entire universe, therefore, the state of the organs, cells and systems will be represented in the state of the world and vice versa.  We may think the events out there have nothing to do with us, but they do in a more tangible way than we know.

This is also the gift, and why every tradition of healing reminds us to honor and foster our internal space with equal or even greater passion and attention than we foster the spaces around us, for they are indelibly linked.

I have assessed thousands of people in my career in medicine, and in the past 10 years, I have never assessed someone who was in fact cellularly vibrant.  That is a tough truth, because only about half of those I have assessed believed their wear down.

Propped up on adrenaline, obligations, and commitments, too many believe they are dialed in when in fact they are dialing down.  

I know you care, I also know there is a part of you who believes your life purpose is to flourish, to be really alive, to have passion and love and peace in your life.  

So, how long will you tread water waiting for the external circumstances to clear, lessen or wait for you?  How long will you last that way?

The only way out is through.



Dr. Julie and Thriving Health

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