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Do You Want More?

Do you wait to pray only when things are bad? Or do you honor the connection to God/Creator/Spirit all the time? 

I ask because it also bears asking do you reserve self care, good food, self love, rest and time off only for when you feel bad? Or do you celebrate your life, your body and your place in this world with those things daily?

We tend to reserve care for self for when it has become undeniable...a headache, an illness, when we can no longer get off the couch, when our pain, depression, or anxiety has reached a point where it cannot be ignored, and then, we stop, rest, take a break, bow out of commitments, call off work, tell people no.


One of the key aspects of how we get exhausted is that we reserve our love of self for when it is convenient or undeniable, and serve all others needs ahead of our own.  But, this model sucks!

Excuse my language, but if you have been saying yes to everyone around you before saying yes to you and you are suffering, isn’t it kind of undeniable that this model doesn’t work?  If you saw your best friend, your mom, your kids suffering like you do would you tell them to suck it up like you do to yourself? Would you tell them to deal with it or push through?

What about a baby? If a baby was crying and hungry, or in need of a nap would you tell it to shut up, so suck it up, to wait, and try to ignore the pain….of course not, but what about you?

Are you less in need than that baby? Or than your kids? Or your best friend or your mom?

We have generated a pathological relationship with putting ourselves first under a false assumption it is selfish, rude, indulgent, and crazy, and yet, the worse off we are, the less and less and less the world and those we love get of us.  

So, in truth, healing our suffering is in fact serving those you love, it is exactly what they need, and exactly what you need.  If you are only giving you ¼ of what you need but consoling yourself that they get so much of you, I have a reality check for you, what you give you is really the extent you are able to give others.  You cannot show up and really be present, serve, love and care for others from a place of deficit, deficiency and lack.

If you want more, you will have to do differently.

Not another rabid grab at diet and frantic exercise, not another MLM super product, not another fast detox, or another smoothie juice weekend...but really different.

Take a real moment and ask yourself 

“Am I loving me the way I would love a child or my best friend?”

“Am I living a life that I feel represents my greatness?”

“Am I living in my power or living in a deficit?”

“Am I reserving my care for when it is undeniable?”

If you find you cannot affirm that you are indeed living in your most loving, great, powerful you, how long are you willing to let that be true?  If you find you are not placing value on you, how much of life will you live that way?

Coming home to ourselves, our self care, our self love and in the process regaining our energy, balance and joy is exactly what I do with women every day.  If this is what you crave, it is time we spoke.



Dr. Julie

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