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Enhance Your Health Potential

Uncategorized Dec 12, 2013

Would You Like To:

  1. Strengthen your natural immunity to lower-vibrating toxins, energies, pathogens, situations, and even people.
  2. Increase the power of your bioenergy blueprint, or “attractor fields,” to pull higher-vibrating individuals and outcomes into your life.

The benefits of increasing your individual vibration can range from coming down with fewer colds and flus, to having more friends and greater financial support, to being able to safely and gracefully navigate even the most difficult challenges.

Raising your personal frequency also encourages detoxification of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual hindrances that are no longer a fit for your evolving consciousness.

These statements apply to an experience called DNA Activation or Potentiation which is now available at Seven Directions, here are my insights from my own work with this process:

In August of 2013, my husband and I were invited to lecture at the People’s Institute in Delton MI.  I lectured on non-weaponized medicine “Taking the killing out of our healing” and my husband on Hugelkulture.  The event was wonderful, exposing us to fantastic people with wonderful insights into the healing and preservation of the earth, and for me to a book that opened many doors.  The book: James Narby’s “The Cosmic Serpent”.  Reading Narby’s narrative, I began to ponder many things, but a notation in the book, a question Narby left for himself to further investigate “does DNA have a sound” sent me investigating.  Through my search, I came to a book titled “Conscious Healing” by Sol Luckman.  In this book, Luckman delves into the reality of DNA, its existence as a sound hologram containing of course all of the information needed for our physical form but also as a source of potential health and physical and consciousness evolution.   What struck me most profoundly were the lists and lists of research citations, detailing extensive solid science verifying aspects of DNA including its response to sound, light, and intention.  Luckman delves into his own health challenges including near-total debility with fatigue, pain, extreme and dramatic food intolerances along with numerous other life-altering symptoms, and then into inspiration, research, and experimentation that ultimately manifested a process by which DNA can be activated to prompt a new potential experience of the body and energetic system. 

After reading Conscious Healing, I was inspired and in awe of the power behind his research, experience, and what he had been able to accomplish using what he had learned.  Leading me to read his second book on the subject “Potentiate Your DNA” in which the process is described in further detail including a step by step guide in self Potentiation.  Always willing to experience new things, I performed a self Potentiation in October of 2013, also providing the same to my family and a few close friends. 

My experience has been life-altering in many significant ways.  Perhaps the most profound is an expanding sense of connection with life around me, an increasing ease of experiencing compassion and love in situations where it is easier to snap into anger or frustration.  For my body, healing aches and pains, headaches and fatigue has become simpler, I have found that when these things pop up, I have a greater intuitive sense of what to do about them, and they pass with greater ease.  I have also found myself learning more new information at accelerated rates, in fact, since my own Potentiation, I have read nearly 6 books, one of them over 600 pages.  Although nothing I describe here may be earth-shattering, the sense of what this process offers can only be described as a possibility, as if the channels of the body as it connects with my energetic system have been set up to be cleared, stimulating just what the name implies: Potential. 

Not everyone will be drawn to experience this work, but for those with whom it resonates, I believe it offers a foundational starting point with which to activate the true healing power of the body and create a magnified potential for significant change to take place.  On December 7th, 2013, I became a certified Potentiation Facilitator by Sol Luckman, allowing me to officially offer sessions in Potentiation from Seven Directions.

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