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HCG: Detoxify, Restore Hormonal Balance and Lose Weight

Uncategorized Jun 14, 2013

A few years ago, after having had my third child, I was shocked and dismayed when I realized that two years after he had been born; I was still carrying around the weight I had gained when pregnant with him. It was a hard thing to come to grips with because I knew that people look to me as their example of what health is and how health looks and my own standards were not being met. For a while I tried things that had worked in the past, eliminating all carbohydrates, all sugars and eating only whole food mostly meat and vegetable diet with exercise, nothing happened. Then I tried another holistic plan that had been successful for me years before, but once again, no effect. Through a series of trial and error processes and a sheer degree of desperation, I found HCG. I was extremely skeptical at first, after all, the caloric content was low, HCG is a hormone produced by pregnant women and the weight comes off very fast. The more I researched, the more intrigued I became, to the point I decided I should give it a try. My first round I lost 35 pounds and have never gained it back in three years. I subsequently did another round for a total loss of 50 pounds, and since have coached hundreds of people through the process. 

HCG is a valid way to take off extra pounds. Although on paper, some think it is harsh, in reality, on HCG, a person doesn’t feel hungry, has no decrease in their energy or diminishing of their mental processes, and at the end of 6 weeks has a new body. It works based on the function of the hypothalamus, by stimulating the hypothalamus, a new body set point can be achieved, and the body can adopt new normal. The hypothalamus is the main controller of the endocrine system; it sits in a hierarchy above the pituitary and the thyroid. It controls the size of the body from the perspective of how much weight is held, what is safe to release and the total fat composition of the body. The hypothalamus is sensitive to fasting, famine, huge swings in caloric intake, viruses, bacteria, and fever. High stress can be a disrupting factor as well. Consequently, often when people have weight issues, it is not because they were exercising poor self-control but rather because somehow their control mechanism failed. 

I think this is an extremely important facet of weight and the need for weight loss. I know from my own personal experience, I was not eating fast food, soda, chips, pizza, and donuts, I was eating better than most and still had weight to lose. Most of the time, the need for weight loss is hormonal, toxicity based and cannot be easily reset with a bit less food and a bit more running. The mechanisms of weight management become taxed over time by age, exposure to chemicals and heavy metals along with Genetically Modified foods and pesticide exposure. The end result of all of this modification is a sluggish constitution in which very little can be accomplished. 

The use of HCG accomplishes both the detoxification and the hormonal reset; consequently, once the weight comes off, unless dramatically poor dietary choices are implemented, it stays off. The diet involves doing a four-part process, including a high-calorie portion, a low-calorie portion, stabilization, and long term control. Each process has specific and easy to follow guidelines, which can be accomplished by almost anyone. Although HCG is not for someone with only a few pounds to lose, it can be a new life start for anyone who has desired weight loss and detoxification but has found it to be elusive.

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