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Healing Myth: It's all Hormonal

lifeforce self-healing Jan 11, 2021

I know you want this exhaustion thing to just be hormones, but it's not.

Many women find they pass over 40 and start wondering what happened, they are tired, feel frumpy, inflamed, are angry way too often, they begin to lose interest in life, don’t find joy like they used to, can’t sleep and feel old.

The lie surrounding this is that it is hormones…

Now, I will say, hormones play a role here, but it isn’t a hormonal problem, they aren’t balanced because your body can’t balance them, and it can’t do that because your cells have been running on stress so long, you burned up all available resources.

Remember in your 30’s when you never stopped? Remember when you were supermom and PTA president, and worked full time and still had an immaculate house?

Yes, that phase of life, where you saw stopping as weakness, and taking a day to lie around as indulgent??

Do you remember when you took the birth control pill for years and years to deal with that PMS??? Oh, by the way, that PMS was exhausted hormonal systems too, just no one told you that.

Do you remember when you kept up those workouts despite starting to feel like you were getting injured often, because if you stopped you might get fat? Yep, the common injury was exhaustion too…

Do you remember when you started to take fiber or seek out gut support for the more common constipation issues...yep, exhaustion too

Do you remember when you added in magnesium at night for sleep? Seemed innocuous, I know, but that was exhaustion too…

How about when your hands started to get cold, and your feet and your nose, or when you noticed you peed a lot more?  All exhaustion symptoms.

So, now, when you find yourself unable to do what you used to, feeling stuck, joyless, angry, inflamed and old...this isn’t just a hormonal transition issue, this has been brewing for years and years...just, no one ever told you to pay attention, and honestly, you were likely too busy to listen.

If you go after the hormonal problems, tackling them with Dong Gui and Black Cohosh and Evening Primrose, or maybe even progesterone cream, B vitamins and flax seeds, you will be in for a terrible surprise…

Hormones can’t balance unless the cells can support their function.

Raising hormones without repairing the cell, restoring membrane function, mitochondrial function, liver conjugation, kidney reserves, Spleen function, digestion, and even lung function will cause damage and potentially even make you worse.  And thing is, even these things are enough, we have to reconnect to us, learn to really feel again, to let ourselves exit doing mode and spend more time being, we have to let our rigidity relax and allow space for boredom and nothing.

There is so much that has to be done, and you can’t get there by using hormones, doing detox, adopting super restrictive diets, taking random supplements or herbs, or by pushing, exercise, expecting more and more from you, and keeping up the mental diet of constant “should”. 

Hormonal only plans fail to address why you got there, and what your body has been trying to say and why it can’t self regulate...which are the only questions that matter.

With my clients we ask the better questions like why your body can’t self regulate and what your cells are doing that has left you stuck, and why your Thyroid shut down and why you had PMS for all those years anyway.

This is how we heal

It isn’t for everyone, I can say in all honesty, that many women just want a pill and be done...that’s fine, but, for those of you who want to understand your amazing body, for those of you who know your DIVINE life deserves DIVINE attention, then, it is time for you to shine.

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