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Here's what not to eat....

Uncategorized Aug 11, 2019

When I peruse Facebook, I swear what ends up happening to me is that I am filled with the thought that most people in the health industry honestly think that God fu*@ed up. 

They're promoting these plans and programs that are all about, eliminating so much food from our lives under this whole premise that that food is bad, carbs are bad, fats are bad, protein is bad...so much bad.

When did we become so arrogant that we assumed that things from the natural world were actually bad, wrong, and not meant for human consumption? 

All of this, in spite of the fact that there are still indigenous cultures on this planet, consuming many of those so so-called "bad" foods that they're saying are going to kill you. 

Let's take corn. Corn is a sacred food to the tribes of the southwest US,  it literally is used in ceremony, it is a main food staple in a multitude of ways, and yet many with health issues are told to avoid it.

Could it be that it isn't the corn? Or that our bodies have become unable to process carbohydrates, but it's something else. Could it be that we're misinterpreting it and assigning a label of bad to something that is in fact of God and of nature?

Let's take sweeteners, consider maple syrup. It is a sacred food of the Northwestern people of the United States. 

It is the lifeblood of a tree boiled down and condensed, and is filled with incredible minerals. In fact, the use of it has been shown to enhance health and even improve blood sugar regulation when in the context of a densely nourishing diet. 

So let me ask you again, does it seem like the boiled down SAP of a tree that has been used by humans as medicine for longer than people can recall, is a bad food?

See our beliefs around food center around our beliefs about the general state of the world.  If we operate from fear in one arena, we will find fear presenting in another as well.

What we've ended up doing with our food is looking for the one culprit...we're looking for the one to blame. 

What if all food was in fact God energy? What if all food is in reality, God language? 

Would it then be true that our body is capable of using all of it? 

Could it then be true that our inability to use it is simply the end result of us becoming so worn down and worn out?

Could it be that chronic stress has destroyed our immune system, destroyed our gut, and made us hypersensitive to everything? 

Could it be that avoiding and avoiding and demonizing food is not solving that core problem at all?

I would surmise it makes it worse because now we have one more major stress, now we have one more major fear, now we have an entire belief system surrounding the thing that keeps us alive as mostly being bad except for the few things randomly deemed "good". 

Does that make sense? 

Furthermore, the more we declare our body's inability to thrive, and the more we demonize things that come from nature, we are inadvertently securing more of our own decline.

What does that do to us?

How are we ever going to heal if we can't tolerate the natural world, if we can't eat food?

What I see is that we are as a culture growing more and more disconnected from nature and when we disconnect from nature, we disconnect from the divine. 

We can sit and meditate and pray all we want, but if we lose the connection to what nourishes us directly in the physical form, and if we demonize it and we place it on bad lists over and over and over, what we will discover is that there's nothing left to feed us and it's over.

What would it be like to foster an inclusive relationship with real food?

What would happen if you could understand your cell language and craft a diet full of things you can love?
Healing should be more inclusive than exclusive and should always bring us closer to balance.


Dr. Julie

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