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How To Change Your Life In The Next Five Minutes

Uncategorized Feb 07, 2019

Here’s how you can change your life in the next 5 minutes...

Ask yourself….what is the experience like to be a cell inside my body?  Is it a life where I feel happy...relaxed...joyful...peaceful? Does much of life feel constrained and tight? Does my daily experience involve large amounts of negativity or worry? Or Does it feel like there is a constant supply of nourishment?

Maybe you have never thought about the cellular experience inside of you, maybe you have always considered your body as a whole...but there is something magical about thinking at the cellular level.  

Our dreams, purpose, vision and even our goals find their fostering inside the cell...in the experience of being alive and being us.  So, ask yourself, am I experiencing the fostering, nurturing and expansion of my purpose, my vision, my goals?

See, each cell has a different personality...or as my 11 year old puts it...each cell is a universe unto itself.  I love this thought because it truly brings into perspective the magnitude of what our cells really are.

In Chinese Medicine, we speak of the cell systems and organs in very different terms, but within that, we can find significant truth of how to nourish and tap into our bodies in bigger ways.
Here’s what’s true...each organ system has different emotional attributes... each of the cellular systems thus reflect that...as do all of your hormonal systems,  nervous system, and even your tissues.

Therefore, our life purpose, our health journey, our mind, our experience of emotions and even our experience of connection to spirit is all part of the expression, health and freedom of these cells and personalities.  

Think about that for just one second...think about what it's like to live life from that place of combined awareness.  

Now,  think about the experience of life if we aren’t connected to that reality.  What happens if communication is shut down, think about a cell in isolation where nothing is reaching it, where toxicity is brewing all around it,  where our emotions are stagnating. Think about that experience.

If you want to change your life, change your relationship to your cells. Right now, make a commitment to fostering an awareness of what your cells really are living out...how are you contributing to that...what would you need to do to experience change at the cellular level...what would you have to take responsibility for..or feel...or stop doing in order to bring expansion and growth back into each individual cell system?

Write it all down, and make a daily practice of enacting whatever is most needed….changes to routine, food, meditation, movement, nutrients, relationships and even how you think.

You literally can foster a different relationship by starting with how you think about it, and then taking dynamic and informed action.  The intelligent actions that you take have the potential to make tomorrow very different than today.

The more we interact and operate from an understanding of what the cellular systems love, need and crave, the more we change our life!  Because those cells are tiny universes inside of us, and what happens at their small level happens at our big systemic and life level.

So if they're stagnant and toxic, it's no surprise, we might find our life is stagnant and toxic. If they're tired and rigid, it's no surprise,  we might find that our life is tired and rigid. They express the totality...that's the magic.

So if you want to change your life, change your relationship with your cells... and if you need help doing that, reach out. That's what we do every single day, at all levels...physical, mental, emotional and spiritual...enacting plans to sustainably heal the cell to heal your life.



Dr. Julie

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