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How To Save Thousands And Decades

lifeforce Aug 02, 2021

Here are some of the stories I have heard in the past few weeks:

Seeing a top functional med doctor who ran thousands in tests, didn't have an explanation for why this woman felt so horrible, but pushed 1000.00 worth of supplements without a good explanation as to what the goal was and then got angry that this woman wanted more info, and wasn't satisfied with the answer of: “we hope to change how you feel with these, but, can't totally explain why you are always so tired”.

Another woman who has been told it is: EBV, Mold, her gut, her mental state and unknown as to why she has been exhausted for 10 plus years.

Another who has spent 100K over 10 years and has yet to reach the root cause, done parasite cleansing, IV chelation, gut cleanses, cut most foods, taken thyroid, tons of supplements and had surgery...but still doesn't feel like herself.

Another who hasn't slept well in ages, has been told she needs to eat walnuts at night, and maybe if they ran a whole battery of more tests they might know more. 

These are just a few of the challenging cases of women who are getting the run around by people who have no idea what it is like to suffer life while exhausted.  In each case, they have been searching, have read and studied, changed diet, taken supplements, have dedicated their lives to their healing and have not had success. 


Because exhaustion is a whole being experience, it isn't just EBV, or thyroid or gut or adrenal, it is the whole of you, your history, emotions, trauma, the microcircuits in your body, the lack of communication at your cells, it is your body not believing it is safe to exit protection mode.

Thing is, restrictive plans, crazy protocols and random supplements will not tell your cells they are safe.

In the past few weeks, here are the experiences of my clients:

One woman who is finally feeling alive, present, naturally joyful and excited about her life, her body and her healing while feeling cared for, centered and out of her head and into her life and body for the first time ever.

Another who has reversed her heartburn,  is almost off ambien after years of needing it to sleep, has the energy to play and laugh and live, who looks in the mirror and sees herself alive again.

Another who has eliminated anxiety and is easily joyful.

Another who is out of pain and moving with ease.

Another who is down 22 pounds and feeling good without any dieting.

Another who said: I can't believe life can be this fu$%ing good!

These women came to me exhausted, having been told by doctor after doctor it was a million different things, but, no one ever looked at their whole being or gave them the path to reconnect and address the cell, mind, emotion and spirit all together.

Few really understand exhaustion,  they think it is being tired….yes, even doctors,  but it isn't.   Exhaustion is your body, mind and emotions feeling like there is nothing left, feeling flat and disconnected,  feeling empty and alone.  

This is why so few get help, this is why so many  spend tens of thousands over decades and never heal, because the world keeps wanting to isolate the cause when it isn't one thing.

Reality check: you won't find this laid out in some book or blog or video, because it can't be broken down like that. 

If you really want to heal, you will need help and guidance from someone who has been there and has years of clinical experience to stand on.  I know, I have been where you are, and as a doctor, with my years of school and multiple degrees, I had to break down a lot of what I had been told was true and learn to see totally new connections and put pieces together from 100 different sources and my own clinical experience. 

This is why the women I work with heal, because finally, they get every piece, every aspect, and the help to walk through the healing process….key, because in truth, at times this isn't easy. 

Which woman do you want to be?

The one with a story about having tried and tried and lost time and money or the one wondering how life is so amazing?

I only take on a small number of women to work with every month, because this is such a hands on process, I want to be available when my clients need me.

But, if you want a new story, it can be yours.


Dr. Julie


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