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I Can't Believe I Never Saw It This Way

Uncategorized Sep 24, 2017

I saw something really cool last night in my evening meditation, and I just had to write about it so I can share it with you.  But, I first have to set the stage.

Every night, I sit in front of my Near-Infrared Lights and meditate (part of my nutritional restoration program). Lately, I have been focusing on pulling the yang qi, the heat and light into my lower dantien (the area below my belly button). The reason I focus here is to warm my Kidney yang and increase my vitality, a meditation I will soon be releasing in guided recorded format for anyone who is interested. So, here I was sitting in my homemade sauna holding my hands over my lower belly and breathing slowly and deeply, inviting the warm energy to grow and expand to fill the space.

In the tradition of Qi Gong, I also had my tongue pressed to the top of my mouth, as this initiates communication between my Governing Vessel (running up the back of my spine into my head) and my Conception Vessel (running down the front of my body and into the lower dantien). I know, for many of you this may sound like greek, so suffice to say, the Governing vessel rises up the spine to meet with the crown of the head, where the information, language and life force descending into us from Heaven arrives, and the Conception vessel cascades down the front of our body, pouring into the sea of qi ever-present in the lower dantien, and then the circuit continues.  It is said that in this sea can be found our life treasure, our longevity and our stored essence, the passed language of the Divine also referred to as our Pre-Natal Qi.

Now, I had done this many other times, both in front of my lights and not, but this time, I was struck with an overwhelming sense of honest truth.  As I pressed my tongue to the top of my mouth and became aware of it linking these two vessels, I could see that my tongue, my vehicle of speech was the linking feature between the cohesive union of heaven and earth within me. To bring it bigger as I saw it: my choice of language and words is how I express the unique manner within which the Divine forces of heaven and earthwork and move in my life.  I saw it as both responsibility and as a blessing and it solidified for me again that it all comes back to language, the language of healing, of eating, of action and stillness, of saying and not saying, everything we speak is our way to express what is TRUE and what will be our legacy of our placement within the everything.

When I woke this morning, I felt so inspired by this reminder, I just had to share it with you.  I hope your day is filled with the language of healing and nourishment and love.

Until next time


Dr. Julie

Ps: if you want to find out more about Nutritional Restoration and how I have ended up sitting in front of these lights and meditating nightly give my office a call, I am happy to help.

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