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Uncategorized Feb 17, 2019

So I was getting a Shiatsu massage the other day and I noticed, just how much I hold tightness in my body.

So, the therapist was raising my arm above my head and I felt like I was totally relaxed and he says, can you let your arm go?

I had to check in with it... really... it's not let go, and then I felt it.

I was totally holding my arm up...so, I checked in and then I let it go.

A little while later he was doing a transition move, bringing me back to a reclined position holding my head. He says, you can let your neck relax. I've got you.

And I just thought about that.

I've got you.

I started to ponder, just how much we hold, how much tightness we have that we don't even notice.

I thought about how profound that is in healing... for the experience of the tiny parts of us.

I have this deep fascination with the experience of my cells. And I am certain that the experience of my cells is the experience of my life.
So if my cells feel fed and nourished and heard and cared for, then I will be living a life that is fed and nourished and heard and cared for. I'm certain of it.

So to this point of being tight without knowing it, holding without knowing it versus that sense of I've got you... and I thought that's it.

Healing is about us being in such a relationship with our bodies that in essence, every single day we're finding ways to say, I got you, I got you.

Saying to our body, I'm going to make sure you have everything you need to do what you do, all the fuel, all the rest. I'm going to respect everything you do, I'm not going to demand more than we have, I'm going to provide resources, I'm going to listen, I'm going to laugh and I'm going to make it meaningful because...I got you.

There's something magical that happens when you surrender into that space.

Every time we go to that place...we release and then it's not just that one layer that let's go, it's 10 other layers and in that, our entire being is renewed.

I got you.

That's what healing is all about. It's one big, I GOT YOU with a smile and chuckle and a deep breath.

We can do that through everything that we do. It doesn't have to be hard, but it has to be everything:



How we think

If we're feeling

Our smile

Our laughter

Our celebrations

All of it

I think this is why so often we don't heal, we've compartmentalised it into just food, or just supplements.

You know, swallowing a pill is not an I got you. It just isn't, I don't care if there's a study that says it's beautiful or not. I got you is not swallowing a nutrient.

Nutrients are necessary, yes, as pieces if missing language your cells have been waiting for.

But, those nutrients need the right food, and mindset, beliefs, movement, rest, support and...well, alchemy.

That's I GOT YOU

This is what's missing from natural health practices and Functional Medicine doctors….alchemy and inclusiveness, plans with dynamic awareness of the body combined with true support….again...the I GOT YOU.

So, isn't a time for a lot more...I got you?

A lot more release, a lot more breath and smile and joy.

Imagine what happens next.

A body at ease, nourished, fed, energized, peaceful, balanced and aligned with our mind, emotions and spirit….

That's a body with unlimited possibilities for health.

Disease doesn't grow in a body that is hearing... I GOT YOU.

How could it?


Dr. Julie

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