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”I don't have time for that”

Uncategorized Jul 28, 2019

Do you say: ”I don't have time for that

Or  “Time is my biggest obstacle

Do you find yourself saying time is the reason you can’t exercise, or meditate or eat the best foods or even nourish yourself?

I get it, I have 3 kids, I run a practice, I cook all of our food…I really get it.

But, can I ask, is there another life coming to you that I just don’t know about? Is there a second wind of full refueling for your cells and systems waiting for you at retirement?

Because this isn’t just a body, this body is your life, it is your assets, it is your retirement, your savings, your financial net worth as well as your joy, inspiration, love, happiness and the only way you will ever get to experience anything AMAZING ever!

All of that other stuff…yes stuff occupying your time…work, cleaning your house, checking Facebook, watching TV, driving kids to practice….

If they are acting as your deterrent to saving your life, then they are your distractions.

I used to believe I didn’t have time for self-care, I didn’t have time for relaxation, meditation and fun, until I discovered that I was giving a whole lot of energy to things that weren't nourishing my future.

They weren't nurturing my relationships.

They weren't nourishing my marriage.

They weren't nourishing my kids.

And I thought…what else is there but these things?

Funny thing was, for me, all that over obligation was creating such a lack of joy, and discontent, I was destroying myself in the process.

Then I learned a little secret…time wasn’t something outside of me, it wasn’t controlling me, I was creating time.

I know, sounds crazy, but see, as long as I oriented my life around what I didn’t want, I was creating more antagonism between me and what I wanted, PLUS, that antagonism was drawing down my energy even more and adding to the places of restriction and stuckness in my life.

In essence, the more I focused on the perpetual absence of what I needed, the more it presented.

When I focused BIG on what I wanted, took decisive action to get there, said “To hell with obstacles” the path changed entirely.

So, ask yourself…are you more focused on what you don’t have, what you don’t want and what isn’t possible? How do you think that is framing the life you really need to be living?

Is your health going to flourish under this vision?

Can your cells be fed from a place of lack?

Are you letting the illusion of time predict what actions you are capable of taking?

What would happen if you learned to gain abundance in all areas…health, vitality, creativity, joy, love and time?

Part of healing…real healing is diving in deep on what keeps us stuck, so we can live fully alive and present in our totality, our relationship with time is just one of those aspects.  

How much TIME will you waste saying you don’t have time to do that?

The difference between people who dropped that illusion and got started and those who stayed stuck there is LIFE…simple as that.

If you want to change your FUTURE and gain back real LIVING, set up a call with us, let us work with you and see what can be possible…it may just save your life….

Who would be forever grateful for you showing up vital, engaged, happy, joyful, present, energetic, confident and ALIVE in every way?

I would venture a guess, it is everyone you care about.


Dr. Julie

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