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Imagination and Action

Uncategorized Jan 28, 2020
Einstein said that in order to have the experience you want in the world, you must be able to imagine it being so.
Let's think about this...
What are you spending your mental currency on? After all, that is imagining, isn't it?
Is it on bounty and growth on joy and peace on love and prosperity...or is it on pain, fatigue, suffering, frustration, and how nothing works?
See, the first step is belief, the first step is the willingness to see another reality.
It isn't the final step, see, the imagining opens the door for action to take hold of what we most want in life.
Imagining opens possibility and possibility is fostered by what we do with it.
Too many times, we imagine and we dream but we stay stuck right where we are and we say...I did the imagining, I did the mental work, I set my intention...but nothing happened...that must be what other people get.
But this just isn't true.
What those other people got that you didn't was the force of DECIDING...the force of COMMITMENT...the force of CHOOSING to act and stay in action on our dreams, on what we want until we are there.
So, you are tired...what have you done to solve that?
So, you are overweight...what have you done to solve that?
So, you are inflamed and in pain...what have you done to solve that?
You may be saying...I have done tons of things
Okay, and it hasn't worked...
Because it wasn't on the problem, it was on the symptom.
See, it is a lot like needing money and focusing on money, versus needing money and focusing on what your acts of service and genius in the world can be to change that. One is a symptom, the other is the core truth.
Imagine yourself healed and then ask...can I have that? Am I willing to do what it takes to have that? Then ask...what do I need to commit to for my experience to change?
See how that works? In the asking, we tap into our imagination, in the wondering, we grasp the ethereal and intangible and then we have the option of stepping into the wonderful.
That stepping into the wonderful happens as the result of BIG declarations.
Every person who has achieved exactly what they wanted in the world tells the exact same story about their journey...
They Imagined
They Decided
They Took BIG (often difficult to do) Action
They Stuck with it until it was true
What BIG change do you want?
What BIG shift would light up your life and get you back on the life trajectory you imagined to be possible once upon a time?
Isn't it time to claim that?
Dr. Julie

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