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Inhabiting Our Bodies

Uncategorized Oct 30, 2018

I think it's time we decided to live in our bodies, like really in our bodies.

Someone said to me the other day they had the realization over the weekend that their weight was in their body and since they live in their body, it was their job to care for their body because it was where they lived. I heard it at first and saw the potential in it, but something just didn’t sit right with the observation.

There's nothing inherently wrong with the statement. I mean it's very true. I live in my body and therefore I need to be conscious of that.

I get it, being conscious of our role living inside our bodies….but thinking of it that way “I live in my body”...the statement evokes a separateness, again delineating this difference between the me in my head and the me that is my body.  In a weird way, it makes me feel as if I have just made a statement about my body being somehow less than “me”.

Does that make sense?

Less me than me...as if the real me is in the ivory tower of my mind, making grand observations to the world, having great intellectual conversations, putting words to emotions, and trying to hatch the best plan to get my body to join me in our best existence.

But what if our body has been living the best possible existence with the tools provided the entire time and it is just our separateness that has been hindering us?

What if it isn't about me living in my body, but US forming a true partnership where we communicate and collaborate and collude to the best possible outcome?

What if that process, that experience of collusion doesn't have one part of the conversation being more important than the other?  Aka the me in my head is not separate from the me in every cell in my body, and my feeling of separation is only there because I have lived separate for so long,

I think the best way to demonstrate this is if our body experience isn't what we want it to be, one of the things I can be a hundred percent certain of in every person is we have feelings we have not been feeling.

Likely, they've been being intellectualized, likely they've been being conceptualized, but not felt for the feeling of feelings inside the tissues, inside the cell, inside our organs, inside our glands.

Which is actually where our feelings originate.  

If our head has this identity that we are capable, resilient, and strong, but then the experience of our body lags behind that we end up with dissonance which serves to magnify the separation.

Now, sadly, in this case, if we check in with this body and say, well shoot, capable and vibrant and strong is not being personified by what is happening here. Instead, I have confusion because of hormonal systems that don't work, the confusion of why a metabolism stops working, the confusion of why joints hurt or sleep is disturbed or I never feel relaxed or muscles are always tight or a digestive system that is inflamed.

We get confused because we want the perception of self our mind has concocted….I am happy, I am positive, I am a force of light in the world,

Although we may be able to show up like that…..sometimes... the eminence of the bigness of vitality, light, power, strength, sensuality, sexuality and vibrancy is meant to be a whole US experience.

But when there’s a me and my body experience containing so much dissonance, it is hard to reconcile how that can be.  

For many of us….I say us because I used to live here...it ends up as a rather humiliating, victimizing, empty, gray, sluggish, de-feminizing, disempowering way to live.  

Spend enough time here and the dissonance grows…

So, Truth….the dissonance is at the cellular level.

It's far beyond thyroid, adrenals, or any of those problems that you've been chasing as the reason why the body isn't participating with the mind, with the me in my head or the me in my spirit. It's far beyond that.

Those are, aspects of surface distinctions, but chasing them is not the path to reclaiming our vitality, sensuality,  power, wisdom, sense of wonder, and creativity.

That's something that has to happen deep inside the cell, at the nucleus.

It isn't just a residing in my heart thing.

It isn't just about crafting positive thoughts.

It's a deep restoration that hits every level of our experience. Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.  

What would it be like to inhabit your body this way?

To have that positivity be a cellular experience, not a cognitive one?

Have that hope and creativity be a cellular experience and not just a mental one?

What would it be like in your life for that to happen?

True health is about recapturing that. It's not about the surface pieces, a gland or an organ system, or an autoimmune something or other. In fact, those are distractions.

Take a deep breath in this moment and imagine what it would be like to recapture the wild, vibrant, strong, positive, joyful, creative, woman that is the true you and have her live life fully partnered within this DIVINE dynamic creation you have been blessed to inhabit?

It isn’t fantasy, or even a dream, this is what is possible for you right now when you heal at the cell and go from there.


Dr. Julie

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