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Is That Half Dome

lifeforce mindset Aug 30, 2021

“Is that half dome?”

I remember saying that no less than 50 times as our car wandered the roads of yosemite park when I was 12.  Every mountain face, every rock outcrop, I would ask, “is that half dome”

Of all the attractions, that one had this name, and had been described as so memorable, so powerful, I assumed it was the whole reason for the trip.

So as we wound through near impossible beauty, the tall trees, the towering mountains, the random waterfalls cascading down the sides of canyons...I just kept asking “is that half dome”

Then we got there and to be honest, it was a huge rock cleaved in half...the first impression was “oh, ok, so, that’s it?????”

I think of that moment and laugh, because those words are the biggest thing I remember about that family vacation, well, that and the neon pink knee high socks I wore in most of the photos…

But, I wonder now, as I ponder how many times I have missed the journey for the focus on the outcome.  How many adventures got missed for their entirety? 

How many waterfalls

How many great trees?

How many amazing rock faces?

Is it any different in healing?

We get so focused on the outcome, the pounds lost or the pain gone that we breeze past the amazing middle:

The increase in joy

Increase in energy

The easy laughter

The pleasant easing of our constantly cold feet or hands

The lack of bloat

The release from cravings


In the women I work with, we celebrate these moments along the path, the signposts of our body speaking new ease, of where our body has felt liberation and a release from bondage, the points where a new calibration has landed and is taking root.

These are the gold

For, in these moments of peace, or joy, or a raise in temperature, what you don’t see are the millions of reactions which have now been changed toward health, or the blockades of toxicity set free from your lymph.

This is the journey.

The more we calibrate to the expansion happening right under our noses, the greater it gets, which is why with the women I work with...we celebrate every day, every call, every meeting...because we are cultivating something so much bigger than one goal or change, we are cultivating a life worth expanding into, and that begins one exuberant celebration at a time

Because truth is, Your Cells Are Listening and they want to respond.

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