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Is Your Light Dimming

lifeforce mindset Mar 29, 2021

Do you wonder why you don't feel well?

Do you think...well, my friends don’t feel well either...so...maybe this is life after 40? 

Do you figure it's just life, or stress or aging?


Doesn’t this strike you as odd?  That not feeling well is so common we just accept it as the way life goes?  Don’t you ever wonder why?


We as a collective have diminished our expectations of life so much that we figure as women that by the time we reach 40, oor 50 or 60, that not feeling alive is just part of the pattern...we assume not well is ok, as long as Dr’s say they can’t find cancer, as long as we can pretty much show up in life, and pretend normal, as long as we can still fake it, still make dinner, still push through.


When did we agree to such a small version of our life that we assume such a small normal?


It strikes me as funny and quite honestly terribly sad that we honestly wait for illness to assume action...that we regard ourselves as healthy if we have normal labs, even if we don’t like how our body works, or feels or functions.


Perhaps it is the medical model, after all, they dismiss most every symptom we have unless it is dire, shows up on a panel or scan…


Not being well is a BIG deal.


Not feeling well is a sign that your body isn’t managing, isn’t keeping up, isn’t maintaining communication and function and balance, and sadly, once it shows in labs, it is often too late, by then, it is illness that has broken through all the barriers in our system to finally become sick.


A recent poll suggests that 60% of women over 40 have at least 10 days per month where they feel sick, regardless if that is fatigue, pain, insomnia, digestive issues, anxiety, depression or more…


Ladies, this equates to ⅓ of life...we have settled for ⅓ of life or more where we aren’t able to feel passion, to feel joy, to feel alive and the majority keep settling for that, a tragedy of immense proportion considering that not well is the indicator of what lies ahead.


If you already exist there, it isn’t if, it is when someone will say...ok, sorry to tell you, but, you have diabetes, cancer, or worse.


One part of this tragic scenario is that we then get even fewer choices...because then our life becomes the identity of illness, the bigger part of that tragedy from my perspective is that this means we don’t bring ourselves to life any more.


The loss of women carrying wisdom and grace and love into the world is altered daily by this very thing, we are losing our guides, losing our examples, losing our women of wisdom, who hold life together...and sadly, we inadvertently choose it for ourselves...we participate in this loss, by assuming “not well” as normal, by waiting for a convenient time, by putting ourselves last, by regarding our experience as nothing too big.


It is BIG, it is HUGE, every time we accept limited versions of us, one more light dims, one more life grows small, one more family gets another mother, sister, friend who lowers her expectations, lowers her dreams, diminishes her power because she figured it is normal, or that she will get to it someday.

There is no someday, if you are reading this post, one thing I know, is the DIVINE force of love and life is tapping you on the shoulder and drawing your awareness for a reason, it is calling into you, highlighting truth, in hopes that you will take it seriously, that you will take you seriously.


Question is, how will you respond?


That DIVINE force hears you when you wonder if this is cancer, hears you when you wonder how you will keep up, hears you when you ponder if this is really how it is supposed to be, and wants you to THRIVE.  But, how long will you put it off? How long will you say “in a minute” or “not now, I’m busy”???


You have choice, even if you can’t see it right now, you have choice, those prayers are being answered, the question is, will you answer back?


Every one of the women I work with had to CHOOSE to answer, they had to DECIDE to take their experience seriously, they had to partner with the DIVINE that was whispering in their ear, and do something outside of their comfort zone to heal, that’s what sets them apart, they weren’t waiting for a magic wand, a heal all book, someone’s magic herbs, and because of that, they got their life back.


Waiting for perfect is a way you deny the DIVINE trying to work in your life

Waiting for it to be convenient is a way you deny the DIVINE trying to speak into your vibrance

Waiting for everyone in your life to agree that what you feel is real is a way you deny the DIVNE’s help.


How long can you deny before there is nothing left?


Healing is a partnership with YOU and the DIVINE, but YOU have to act in order to enter that partnership, it won’t find you sitting on a couch.


The women I work with message me daily, talking about how their life is getting more amazing by the day, how their husbands have told them what it is like to have the women they married back in their life, how their kids are noticing just how much change is taking place, and how grateful they are to have their mom alive, joyful, present and happy again.


That not well sensation is your call to action, will you answer it?

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