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It Isn't About Nutrients

diet lifeforce Jan 04, 2021

The health world has gone mad, all the focus is on nutrients, but not on impact, on the small bits but not the big picture.  We are assessing people to death, running crazy in depth blood panels, saliva test, stool tests, toxicity assessments and all manner of micro evaluations, meanwhile, people are still suffering.

We are seeing more and more “alternative” docs just collecting data, as if they will somehow find the needle in the haystack if they just put enough little pieces of data on the board, and yet, too many have had all those evaluations and still are sick.

This is the crisis.  One might expect if everyone just said yes to every pharmaceutical offered that illness and chronic illness might be common.  But, I am seeing chronic illness perpetuate in those who have been diligently taking those vitamins and swallowing the herbs, eating “clean” and “keto” and “plant based” for years...and they aren’t growing in vibrance.

The lens being used is broken, the one where we only look for what we are deficient in without ever considering why or what the body is doing with the nutrients it does get.  We are compartmentalizing into systems...testing adrenals, testing for toxicity, testing the gut and over and over adopting system only protocols and pounding in nutrients as if swallowing more of them will do the trick.

The “clean” diets are without reason, or regard for individual body alchemy, devoid of direction or intent, they end up being confining and rigid when what was needed was innovation, attention to the person and finesse. 

We are as a culture now “clean eating” ourselves into illness...seriously.

The constant fads of kale this and celery that, of cutting whole food groups, without any regard to what our body does, our organ strengths and weaknesses.  Heck, too many people I know have cut out foods based on food testing that if redone a week later would show an entirely different food response, all the while not knowing if anything they are eating is actually raising energy or building vitality at all.

It's madness, and it costs.

It costs mental space, as people ruminate on what to eat next, or if they did it wrong.

It costs connection to food and an awareness of its magic and beauty

It costs connection with our body, as we judge everything it does as for or against us

It costs connection with our significant people in our lives as they get further and further from understanding what we are doing or why...since half the time we don’t even know

It costs exorbitant amounts of money as we pick and choose and dally in this and that thing

Meanwhile, the saddest part is...people are sick.

Somewhere along the way, we reduced medicine to nutrient numbers and RDA’s and stopped even trying to understand the nuances of how our body works, or what subtle shifts happen with different foods even when they technically have the same “nutrient” profiles.

We cannot continue in this way, it is madness, it is costly and it isn’t working.


We must look past the minutia and begin to ask better questions: 

What are our cells doing with the information we give?

Is my body even responding to the pill, herb, supplement, hormone?

What is the relationship between my organ systems like?

How are my meals working to enhance and create cell energy...not just the feeling of energy?


These are some of the questions I ask myself about every client I work with, as we look past the minuta to the root and the places most in need of help.

As we do this, we unravel the complicated web of symptoms and values to finally be able to identify what their body needs, and then we can institute plans designed not around their deficiencies but around the points where the issues intersect, which enables us to stop chasing problems and work outward from the root with ease.

This lets us no longer have one protocol for detox, one for the gut, another for the hormones, another for the nervous system, and finally address our beautiful, magical body in the context of what it is...WHOLE.


YOU are all of these things

Your body is all of these things

You deserve to feel that way.


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