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Making life AWESOME!

Uncategorized Jan 17, 2020
“Is this it?”
“This is really my body at 40 or 50 or 60?”
“More weight than I want”
“Tired, cranky, no libido, joints that creak, joints that hurt?”
“I manage sure, I get up, I work, I cook, I sleep (sometimes) I have the stamina for most things”
“But I am not living, I don’t feel like my spirit and my body are having a conversation now if they ever did. I can’t envision what it looks like 10 years from now because what I want and what I have reserves for are two different things.”
I have this conversation all the time.
With women all over the country, some who have lots of knowledge of how to care for themselves, others who have been coasting through life thus far without having to pay much attention.
Then bam.
One day, it all just doesn’t seem to work.
They tell me about feeling like they are floating through their life, not really connected, not really thriving.
How they get motivated and try to eat differently or join a gym and then find themselves floating into the same space of despair.
What happens next is often this self-conversation, that looks like: maybe it is time to just stop searching, maybe what I need to do is feel comfortable with who I am and what my experience is and just be good with that.
But they don’t mean that, it is just what they say when everything has failed them and they feel like nothing will ever work.
These are not the emotions of power
These are not the mindset places of our fierce goddesses.
40, 50, and 60 are power decades.
Where the bullshit of not understanding our purpose and of not having a path and of not feeling sure enough to step into authority fades away.
They are the decades of wisdom and sensual joy, of using our voice, of our visions, and our truth coming into full expression.
Yet, I speak to women every day who are having the opposite experience and it is total BS.
We are not here to expend our energy for 40 years learning, raising families, building careers and crafting our person to just meet a worn out, rapidly aging, subdued version of ourselves at the crossroads!
That is not the path
Don’t accept that reality
Don’t even tempt yourself to succumb to the maybe I should thoughts
You can age and thrive and shine
You have the potential to change the world
The dreams on your heart are real and true and tangible and need a voice.
Stop settling
Stop waiting
I invite you to perceive a reality where you grow in years and in vitality. Where your wisdom expands into the world providing hope and service to those in most need. Where your body experience is dynamic, joyful, expressive, and filled with awe.
Think that is all fluff and fantasy?
Nope, this is what happens for women every day in my world.
Ready to know what that feels like?
Reach out, it is time to get started.  Let's see IF we can help you!

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