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Most Doctors Know Nothing About Healing

Uncategorized Jan 09, 2014

Doctors hold their title because they have completed schooling, whether Naturopathic or Conventional, they are at least by name people who could complete a degree program. Having the title infers nothing about their ability to think clearly, independently, or with innovation, the hallmarks of what truly makes a good physician aka, one who helps others heal.

When I first graduated from school, I was a doctor but in my approximation now, 10 years after the fact, not really a physician. I could name a plethora of conditions, remedies, blood, and other tests, what they were used for, and possible side effects of so many things, but I had little true understanding of healing. My real training came after I graduated, when faced with real-life patients who rarely present or respond like the textbook says they will.

As I watch how medicine is practiced today, and witness the total infallibility given to doctors by their patients, I grow ever more concerned for our future ability to heal.  This may sound strange, but medicine is becoming so reliant on pure scientific insight that all true insight is at risk of being stripped from the process. Many physicians, natural and conventional jump to apply anything with a study behind it even when their understanding of healing and the magnificent power of the body opposes the information as presented. I am by no means throwing out science, I am by personal definition a science geek, but I have found when one delves deeper into the realm of science, in reality, one continues to find all of the things science, in fact, does not know.  This usually drives the process further into the realm of understanding the pure energetic connection inherently held within ourselves and the world we live in. A purely scientific medical process does not allow for healing which cannot be verified, documented, or explained through the scientific method, limiting our possible experiences dramatically.  When doctors allow for only scientific principle, they inadvertently enforce a rigid dogmatic belief system on their patients.  This dogma often creates despair and helplessness as more and more often, patient’s symptoms have little to no obvious explanation, these emotions further hinder potential healing by shutting down enzymatic processes and even diminishing viability of our DNA.

Healing is manifest through possible potential, an alchemical blend of scientific understanding along with belief and respect for forces in the body and within nature that cannot be measured with a medical device or blood test.  This alchemical connection can be facilitated through any number of means, some very physical as in well-placed remedies, and others very energetic as in Reiki, meditation and Qi Gong.  Physicians must understand the connection between the physical aka: the science and the energetic aka: everything else and blend them appropriately for the person based on diagnosis identified through listening, evaluating elements of their physical self such as their eyes, nails, skin, tongue and pulse, and the timber of their voice.  Physicians must also continually educate their patients, providing them enhanced insight into their place within the healing process, adding both honor and responsibility to the individual, no matter what their ability to apply the scientific principle. There is a dual responsibility here for Doctors to become Physicians and for patients to demand this transformation, together, in equal partnership. Then, it becomes possible for exponential alchemical healing to take place and thus a new era of medicine to emerge.

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