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Most Thyroid Plans Kill The Thyroid

Uncategorized Sep 24, 2019

Your thyroid treatment plan might actually be wrecking your thyroid.
There's a lot of nuance to thyroid regulation.  But so much of the time because of medicine's reductionist methods, Thyroid is largely considered only as to if hormones are being made or not.
That is the totality of the discussion. So as a result, a lot of docs will prescribe levothyroxine or Synthroid, maybe armor, but that's never going to be enough and in most people it's ineffective at best.

You need to understand that TSH (the most tested Thyroid value) is just a measure of if the pituitary is being signaled.  But, that's only one small piece.
After that, The gland has to produce thyroid hormone that has to be able to leave the gland, The inactive T4 which has been produced then has to be converted to the active form, T3. The active form has to be able to reach the cell, The cell then has to be able to enact its message
But, doctors rarely care about the steps beyond production and conversion.
In many cases, the produced hormone, under the influence of estrogen and cortisol doesn't even leave the gland, setting up inflammation and autoimmune reactions.
If it does leave, the liver glycogen stores will determine if it gets converted, so if you are low carb or your carbs aren't properly balanced, this step will fail.
Then, reaching the cell becomes the issue, if your stress response is high and estrogen and serotonin along with it, you will be prone to fibrosis in the extracellular matrix, making reaching the cell an impossibility.

Now, if the hormone makes it all the way to the cell, the state of the cell will determine what happens next, if your nutrients are low, if your mitochondria are damaged, if you have altered PH, if you have had a high PUFA intake, the cell will just fail to respond.
Now, if you give thyroid hormone to people who haven't dealt with the cortisol, estrogen, diet, nutrient needs, and the corollary issues of gut, serotonin, rest, and emotions,  you actually cause a furthering of the stress response and a further suppression of the use of thyroid, and make the problem worse. 
The functionality of the thyroid is going to be dictated by your body's presentation of stress in your life. Now that may be relational, or job-related, it might be your emotional state or past trauma, it might be the fact that we all carry around cell phones and constantly are engaged in mental activity and are rarely ever quiet. It might be that you have no idea what the preservatives and additives even in your good organic foods are doing to your body. It might be that you took the birth control pill for 20 years in your life. 
There are a host of things that contribute to what we call stress and the thing is if someone's addressing your thyroid without dealing with those factors, you aren't going to heal.
Every one of these steps has to be considered, because it never was a Thyroid problem, it has always been and will always be an issue of the collected aspects of stress destroying your body system by system.
Now you have a choice, you can continue to cross your fingers and hope that someone will give you thyroid hormone, or adjust your dose, and it will magically fix your life. 
Or you can actually choose to solve the problem. Now, sadly, 99.999% of doctors be they functional medicine, naturopathic, Chiropractic, osteopathic or MD's, they don't know this. 
The fact is, for many, this path isn't attractive because it actually requires we change the body's biochemistry, it's not just a pill and three little tweaks, it's an actual reconstruction of the way we live and operate with respect and regard for our beautiful Divine Body and life.
Most people don't want to take that dive, they want the pill, they want three diet tweaks, they want to take out the gluten and be done. That's not the way I work. 
If you're ready to actually heal, reach out, if you want to give your cells connection, nourishment, rest, repair and release while healing the chronic destructive effects of stress in your body, reach out, if you want actual Thyroid healing, reach out, if you want a true metabolic repair, reach out, if you want to be free, vibrant and alive, reach out and let's heal.


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