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Quick fixes always fail

Uncategorized Aug 18, 2019

It seems like the quick fix model has its hooks in so many people, and yet, few if anything offered in the world of hormonal balance, energy or metabolic repair has legs.

Here are 3 VERY important things that you must-do if you want to heal your metabolism and find REAL health and happiness...

1. Unlearn everything you currently believe about what is "healthy".  Most people fail to heal because of their old belief patterns. Usually, these exist because, at one point, they gave you quick, yet not lasting results, and have in fact been part of the long term damage to your system, but, because you hold onto the memory of temporary change, you think...well maybe….

A few Example are:

-I need to do lots of cardio to stay lean

-I need to eat less and less to stay thin and healthy

-I need to avoid salt, saturated fat and sugar

-I shouldn't eat 3 hours before bed

-If I do not work out every day, I am a total loser

-Sugar makes me fat, diabetic and feeds cancer

-Only baby cows should drink milk

-Plant-based diets are the healthiest diets

-High-fat diets are the healthiest diets

-Low carb diets are the healthiest diets

-High protein diets are the healthiest diets

2. Do your best to love yourself exactly as you are right now, before changing anything. Proceeding any other way quite honestly tells your cells that despite what you say, you don't trust them and don't actually love you for you.  I promise you, if you decide to love yourself now, with all your cellulite, wrinkles, and age spots-- becoming healthier and happier will become 100x easier once you start changing your patterns.

Repeat after me:

I AM Beautiful!

I AM Sexy!

I AM Gorgeous

I AM Fantastic

I AM f*#king amazing!

3. Listen to what your body is telling you and learn how to listen past the BS stories you have been living under. This means not beating yourself up for needing to sleep or taking time off or being hungry….

See, we have an absolute ability to heal, thrive and love our lives, but we must be willing to let go of the need to control our beautiful bodies and begin to accept their brilliance.  My clients learn how to partner with their amazing systems and feed, nourish, rest and love themselves into vibrance.

Dr. Julie
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