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Regenetics versus other DNA Activations

Uncategorized Sep 08, 2015

When I found Regenetics, I had never heard the term DNA activations, and now almost 2 years later, the term, practice, and experience is a cornerstone to not only my professional life but to my own deep healing and transformation.  That being said, I have to assume most people have no idea what this term references and have really realized recently just how confusing a simple internet search of DNA activation can be.  Prompted by my husband asking me to define how what I offer is different from what else is out there, I spent a day reading websites of those who offer DNA activations which are not part of the Regenetics series and what I found was not only surprising, but in some cases alarming.  
I have to say, I have not received any of the healing methods defined by others as DNA healing, and furthermore, have no intention to do so. I am biased towards Regenetics because in my personal journey and in what I have observed in others, it is a method which doesn't just allow for healing but allows for restoration of all that is inherently embodied in the TRUE SELF of each of us and in doing so, elevates our potential such that we are placed, poised to access and take part in the most magnificent representation of life possible on this plane.
Therefore, what I offer here is my professional critique of what is purported to be healing, with the intent not to lead but to inform such that any seeking answers could have perhaps a bit more perspective with which to make their healing decisions.

All in all, I have found there are some pretty stark differences between DNA activations.  The first and most striking difference between what I have trained to do and what many others offer is the healers perspective on who is doing the healing.  Most of the sites I found have great emphasis put on the talents of the facilitator, guru, healer, or sage.  I found sites giving an elaborate account of how the "healer" would while in a highly meditative state delve into your True Self, once there, they would use their abilities to deduce what was needed, what was ready to be healed and then facilitate based on what they found. Firstly, this kind of language immediately evokes for me a response akin to: "Oh no you won't". It's not that I am averse to taking instruction, or to good guided intuition, but soundly reject the idea that some person with a catchy website is going to delve into my Highest Self and tell me what I need....which of course only they can provide.
My understanding of True Self is that it represents each of our core God linked self, it is us in co-creation with God, and therefore, the idea that some stranger is going to sit in higher order than myself with regards to my True Self is offensive!  This posturing is the metaphysical world's example of all that is wrong with medicine in general.  
We don't need a healer who assumes positions of dominance, asserts grandeur or God-like knowing, we don't need healers who need to be revered, feared, or bowed to.  In all my time in medicine, and at healing ceremonies of all kinds, none of the true healers I have ever met needed to be regarded with these labels.  In fact, if you read the words of Black Elk, who by all regards did in fact live life in deep connection with forces of profound healing, even he commonly stated: "I am not a medicine person, I am just a dumb Indian."

We don't need another guru.  Healing is something that happens in the relationship between you and Creator, not your guru and Creator.  Authentic healing is a process by which your connection is restored resulting in a foundational change allowing your body to be guided by its innate wisdom, by the restoration to facilitate your healing.  The person facilitating the healing is just that, a facilitator, an in-between, they are the person who has accepted responsibility for standing in love and compassion, for holding your highest healing in their intentions and for doing all this unattached to what happens next.  Should you revere them? Maybe, the way you revere others who have helped you in life, should you place them above you? NEVER, should you give your power to them? NEVER.

Of course not everyone offering DNA activations was so blatantly setting themselves as a guru, some appeared to indicate the activation of DNA could be effectively facilitated by simply entering deep meditation and "commanding" God/Creator activate and heal what was not functioning in the DNA, mitochondria, chromosomes and such.  I first must express, in the ways I have been taught, one never "commands" Creator to do anything.  We ask for help, we pray for blessings, for assistance, for mercy and compassion, but we don't command, demand or direct. 
I am further prompted to illustrate what I find more inane of this thinking is: if simply demanding help created help, then the decimating of Indigenous cultures throughout history would have never happened, we would never have seen great floods, huge wars, no one would die of cancer, vicious infections, or any other major maladies we are faced with today and in the past.  It is not only ignorant but dangerous to assert one has merely to command correctly for all doors of healing to open, it has never and will never be this way.

Sol Luckman has always inspired me with his constant commentary of co-creation.  The deep resonance of taking part with Creator to allow for unified participation in healing, in accessing our best life, in our prosperity, our relationships, and all else of our lives.  It is dangerous to assume God-like status in commanding for any outcome, dangerous because we need a relationship with God, that is in fact what so profoundly generates the healing we so deeply seek.  Abdicating that for some elevated sense of personal power and command over life is insane at dangerous.

My last and surely not least most recent observation of many DNA activations available in the wider world is this: Few offer any real medicine at all.  By this I mean, they are conglomerations of logical thought coalescing modern big ideas of sound and intention into easily marketed packages of healing events to which there is no history, no science, no spirit, and no higher guidance.  Recordings of 528 Hz tones to listen to as you sleep, or pre-chosen vibrations with binaural beats to reset your DNA, individual selected tones to harmonize you to be listened to on MP3 or CD.  One of the most profound things which drew me to Regenetics is that Sol was never trying to upsell me anything.  Regenetics is science-based, it is drawing from the most ancient understanding of healing, working systematically through our entire being, unifying body, mind, emotions and spirit....then you are done (at least with this method).  There are no GOLD or Platinum packages, no super soul healing, no past lives to do next, no auras to cleanse...and why???? Because it is a totality of healing which needs no other levels, because it isn't for fashion or show, it is for reclamation, restoration and redemption.....which is in truth what we are all really looking for.

So, DNA activations apparently abound, and you can take many paths to healing.  Do I have the only path? Nope, do I have an authentic one: I am certain with every fiber of my being the answer is yes.


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