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Remorse Free Living...Yes, It's a thing

lifeforce mindset Jul 12, 2021

Can we talk about Desire?

You know that desire you have to feel better?  That itch you get for what life could be like? That sensation you crave where you wake up and are excited for the day or the surge of life you feel when inspiration hits and you can’t wait to enact the next steps of your DIVINE plan?

How many times have you felt that and then had to numb it out or turn your back to it? How many times have you convinced yourself that it isn’t time, will be too expensive, will be too time consuming, people won’t understand, or even began to question you...are you really capable of change, can you have that, do you deserve that?

Our doubting voices are toxic, those saboteurs who rob us of so many experiences, so much life.  We tend to live life based on them, we decide according to their beliefs, we act according to their limitations, and it shows, the number of us living lives that are ¼ or less of what we desire is staggering and growing daily.

Hard part is, when we not only have the saboteurs, but also have fatigue, or illness stacked on top, most really just throw in the towel, start to explain over and over in their head why it isn’t fair, why everyone else gets to but them, and why they just have to become content with good enough.

I want you to know it is a trap.

Those saboteurs are the places in your body and spirit that have been weakened by years of trying to keep up, of not nourishing you, of not knowing that you were pushing past what your system could do, of not resting, and of living in survival mode.

For a time, they have served you, kept you alive, maybe gotten you past trauma, and pain and severe isolation.  But, if you feel desire popping up, it means there is wisdom and energy calling out from deep inside, wisdom and desire that knows if you don’t get out of this trap soon, you never will.

Lest you think I am just talking emotional change, let me assure you, these voices are tied into every cell system, the deeper into survival mode we go, the more some of us start to develop rigidity at cell membranes, and for others, it is total shutdown of Thyroid communication at the cell, still for others, it is near collapse of any detoxification systems, and yet, still for others it is total chaos at the cell resulting in damage that always proceeds to cancer.

These are WHOLE you events, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual...and in some ways, the saboteur knows that.  To turn your back on desire is to let the wounded self dictate life’s pleasure, to turn your back on desire is often to let other people’s limited versions of life dictate our own reality.

Not only is it toxic, but it is dangerous.  If those physical elements at the cell, organ and gland never get addressed, we lose our ability to hatch dreams, succumb to illness and wear down and even become unable to have any choice in life at all, dependent on others to help us move, eat, and live.

That desire is the true you, the one who knows that if you choose to do what you have never done,  you will find unending support extending farther and in greater proportion than your mind could have ever dreamed.  But, key there is, you have to actually choose, you have to let go of the reins, stop thinking you will eventually control your way out of it, stop waiting for it to look perfect (because let's face it, by now, you have no idea what perfect really means) and you have to allow the unknown to be your friend.

I think this quote from Abraham Hicks personifies this perfectly: 

"You have heard of buyer’s remorse? It really could be more accurately called desirer’s remorse.

Desirer’s remorse is having a desire but not maintaining the vibrational frequency of it. You are letting the reality that you are observing control your vibrational atmosphere, and therefore you are not staying up to speed with your own desire. Your desire isn’t wrong. You didn’t make a mistake. You just didn’t stay up to speed with your desire."

Desire is the DIVINE speaking what is true now and can be even greater once you allow it to move.  Stop blocking it with all the stories of the past and all the ways others never actually live and do something magical before it is too late!

With my clients as we

  • Find out what has been holding your body and life back from the cell layer outward
  • Repair the deepest dysfunctional patterns which are driving your exhausted life and disconnected state
  • Feed Your Cells and teach you how to have a fun, loving, balanced, ease filled relationship to food and your body
  • Open and restore the pathways of detox (which is why you're finding life so hard to navigate in the first place, and why you feel so old, flat and empty)
  • Reconnect you to your body and provide simple tools to allow you to hold on to that sense of connection...the biggest key in hormonal restoration long term
  • Help you learn to really fall in love with you, and thus, your unique spark, passion and spirit so you never get to the empty, exhausted state again.
  • We do this over 20 weeks using a step by step process that takes you through the journey to the best you while teaching you how to live again as the DIVINE person you are



Dr. Julie

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