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Rigidity And Perfectionism Are Making You Sick

health plan lifeforce Jan 28, 2022

Rigidity and perfectionism are preventing you from healing.  It's time to let go of your need for perfectionism and move forward in small and clumsy but flexible steps.

 I've seen so many women stuck in a place of dis-ease because they were inflexible in their beliefs or approach to healing.

Heck, I've been there myself, too.

You may not even recognize it but that need to do it perfectly or not at all, that fear of failure or getting it wrong, the refusal to invest in a course or program because you might not show up.the pressure to perform… these are all forms of rigidity. It's an inflexible approach

Most people think of rigidity as a mindset of hard-headedness. A refusal to budge on things. This can also be applied to our mind-body connection. I’ve spoken many times on how our body sends us physical signals that our emotions are out of whack or completely ignored. 

Perfectionism, rigidity, control…it puts the same amount of stress on your physical body as it does on your mental state. 

And the thing about healing is that our body and our energy and our health and growth are in a constant state of flow and movement. Just like the Universe around us. And so in order to continue to be in the right place or the right energy or the right mindset, we have to also be in that state of flow.

We need to be in a state of trusting that as we move along our journey. Trust that we will consistently be drawn to the right place or the right state of mind at any given point.


How Is Perfectionism Making Our Body Sick?

If you haven't taken a moment to consider how your stress-packed, anxiety-filled, rigid need for control over everything you do and be and feel, then now is the time. 

Watch the video below to find out my experience with rigidity, how it shows up, and what you need to do to heal from perfectionism.



How To Overcome Perfectionism

Releasing the need for control of your health is so important to moving into a state of flow and unity and partnership with our bodies.

That's why my Thriving Health program is a 12 month program...

Because as your body moves along its journey of discovery, awareness, and correction, it takes time to deeply understand what it needs and how this state of rigidity and perfectionism is affecting your thyroid, digestion, hormones, and so many parts of your body and mind.

If you're ready to move into a state of flow and ease in your health and life, sign up for Thriving Health

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