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lifeforce mindset May 10, 2021
Why won’t you listen to me?
Ever had that conversation with your body?

Maybe you haven’t had it overtly, but if you are like me, you have had it...in the form of food, in the form of exercise, even in the form of meditation...can’t count the number of times, I have spoken with others about why they weren’t feeling peaceful after they had been dedicated to meditation daily for months.

We think, my body should listen, look at all the “good” things I am doing for it
My body should have responded more by now
My body should have changed more by  now
My body needs to step it up

I know you have said it, I can say this with confidence, because I lived most of my life there…

THINKING that because I was DOING the “right” things my body should respond with change to reflect what I wanted.

Do you see the disconnect? THINKING…

Except that our biology doesn’t respond well to thinking...it is more of an emotional action taker, so when we are thinking, with panic that our body should respond, all it knows is….”they are in panic”

When we eat “good” or “clean” foods in panic….all it knows is “they are in panic”
The same happens when we cut calories
Decide to work out harder
It all feels like panic….
Our body can’t understand how it is supposed to respond...then to add insult to injury, often when we want it to behave better...we push harder…
Maybe I need to cut sugar
Maybe I am sensitive to fruit
Maybe I need to work harder
Maybe I need to exercise more
Maybe I need to do more Yoga

See, the atmosphere isn’t about maybe I need to love my body more, maybe I need to listen more, maybe I need to find more ease...it is instead all: maybe if I push harder, or cut more I will see my energy increase, my hormones balance, my metabolism raise.

But, what if that is all wrong?
What if our body is smarter than our mind? What if everything we think is happening is not what is really happening? 

What if it isn’t a quick fix we need, what if we don’t need more work, what if we don’t need more restrictive eating, what if we need to learn to listen, to really listen to our body?

Inflammation is a response inside our systems from years of not listening, or at least not listening closely, the longer we go this way, our systems get the message, push on regardless, push on even when you can’t find means to do so.

Over and over, our Liver asks for more energy from the Kidney, the Kidney from the Heart...and meanwhile, we make stories about why this works….

But, all the while, knowing deep inside, it really doesn’t and one more round of “super” foods and anti-inflammatory diets can’t fix what’s really happening.

My clients learn how to fuel awareness and change within their body, how to eat and love to eat, how to find stillness in the smallest of places and how real stillness fuels cells to hormonal balance, energy, immune power and more.  They learn this in the context of what their body really needs, not what some template says about them, and they do all of it without detox, meal powders or pushing harder, because eventually, pushing harder will fail and when it does, it isn’t pretty.

Aren’t you ready to stop battling your body and begin to ask and listen to what it really needs?

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