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STOP Trying To Heal

mindset self-healing Aug 16, 2021

Part of really healing is creating the space for that healing to occupy.  Truth is, much of the space within us is occupied by what has happened, what can't happen, by our old experiences, by the beliefs we hold, our story and what we believe is possible for us and more.

Reality is, for many of us, there just isn’t space for anything new.  Perhaps this is why I have seen so many women reach for healing and then pull back, that sense of fear, futility and strife is really reminiscent of what the space inside of us is experiencing.

It isn’t just emotional though, it is deep biology, reality is, this lack of space is a true tissue event.  The more we are confined in this place of no space within our mind, our tissues are reaching capacity.

This is really the problem because our tissues are reaching capacity, there is no drainage and no free flow.  As we reach capacity, our whole system goes into lower and lower levels and states of function.  Now, those free empty spaces that were supposed to be this sort of energetic continuum that connected together organs, hormonal systems and cellular systems, but which gets burdened with metals, pesticides, residues of food and even minerals like calcium and magnesium and iron and copper PLUS emotions, trauma and deeply held rigidity . The more these accumulate, the less mobility there is.  You won’t just see this physiologically, it will show up mentally as rigidity and issues regarding a need to control the world, it will show up in fixed emotional states and mixed patterns of all of these.

In this way, our mind is echoing the body and the body is echoing the mind. 

I believe this is where so many people get stuck because we grab at little pieces trying to make them be the one thing that changes everything, we dance around the root, we get caught up in taking steps, believing it has to be my hormones, it has to be my inflammation it has to be my anxiety or gut or brain or past, and we miss the chance to partner with our terrain, with these tissue spaces which are in fact dictating everything else that is taking place. 

We get so caught in these “it has to be” thoughts, we start getting aggressive with our body….large doses of supplements, and herbs and compounds, we get to a place where we try to just ram through that door, make things change.

It is from this place that we say: 

Maybe if I just took some turmeric, my inflammation would go down,

Maybe I just need more B vitamins, then my energy would come up,

Maybe if I cut wheat,

Maybe if I went on a juice cleanse,

Maybe if I did some longer term fasting, 

But, these actions all have something in common, they assume there is not wisdom in the decline as there would be wisdom in the remedy.  They approach our body as if it is ignorant and flawed, when it has in fact been acting with grace and intelligence.  The more we batter it, the more we force it, the less our body, our organs and our cells believe they can trust us, and so, they again go into survival.  From this state, more stuckness, more stasis, more shutdown and more pain arise.

Gentle is the word to personify what is really needed, gentle and loving, kind and graceful.  Creating space for change and creating a conversation that can support and cultivate health from within our cells.  Imagine what it feels like to live in ease, to have trust and faith in your body and to have trust and faith that you and it are colluding together to the best, most vibrant, most inclusive expression of you!

Doesn’t that feel so much different than...I MUST PUSH NOW!

This collusive space has leeway and play, it has kindness, softness, flow, intelligence, intuition, and gives massive returns. 

It calls into existence and emergence the highest form of us, the one with unparalleled wisdom, and grace and life, the one which can lean into challenges because it knows there will be enough, there will be more.

The alignment of our totality, of our complete self, and our healing body, and our being in a state of cultivating wholeness.

This is why it can’t just be about nutrients, or foods, it has to be about how we approach those things, how we use them, what meaning we are enacting, and what intention we are cultivating as we use them.

From here, we can do anything.

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