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So the truth is, healing is never going to be convenient

Uncategorized Feb 03, 2019

So the truth is, healing is never going to be convenient. There are times where it's a bit easier, times where it's more aligned, but there's going to be an aspect of it for each of us that is totally inconvenient.

So for some people that is a time constraint. “I don't really have time to put new things into my schedule”  “I don't really have time to adopt new behaviors or to have to cook differently or to have to take an extra trip to the grocery store”.
For other people, it's going to be a financial constraint “It's really not convenient right now to spend money on me”  “If it were less expensive, it would be an easier decision”.
I hear this all the time and I can honestly say, it's no wonder that we get drawn so far down because seemingly, there are 10 million things which will always come before us.
There's a huge disconnect there.
I hear from women all the time, talking about the need to pay for someone else's needs, planning to help a friend, feeling like it would be irresponsible or selfish to dedicate resources to themselves when others may need them.
We keep putting ourselves last.
I've heard women speak platitudes about there being time and they will just manage while living in a state where due to hormonal issues, they have a grand total of 12 weeks in an entire year where they feel well.
I just can't right now.
I've heard women say this when there are days they can't get out of bed. I've heard them say this when there are days that they lose or weeks that they lose to migraines or when their marriage is failing because they don't feel like participating anymore and they will say it's just not something I can prioritize right now, It would create great stress because I've got so much in my plate.
I've got to pay for this for my kid
We're going to take a vacation
I need to have more in savings
My tax bill is going to come
I need to finish renovating my bathroom
I have a car payment I'm going to have to take on
The truth is if we regard our healing as less than those things, the likelihood of us getting all the way there becomes more and more distant because we are looking for convenience... and it will never be convenient.
If that is the reality of where we operate, there will always be a litany of things that we think have to come first,
You may think that's just how life goes.
So, what do you risk if you don't heal, if your cells never actually thrive, if your organs run on emergency power forever, if your hormones don't ever balance it your immune system never quite can do its job?
Well, from my experience, If you don't choose yourself right now, nature will choose the consequences for you.
As women, we inherently accept a multitude of roles,  even when the load exceeds our capacity. Sadly, many women do this until they collapse.
Exhaustion isn't just a need for more green smoothies or a better workout routine….if it were, no one would be exhausted.
I know you want it to be something small like you needing more water, or a bit more vitamin D.
But, having evaluated so many women, I can say, as if yet, I have never found someone who had symptoms of exhaustion, metabolic slowdown, hormonal regulation problems, and immune system fatigue who didn't have big patterns which needed attention.
Our cells are constantly broadcasting the message of what they need and why it's important and how action needs to be taken and what it means to do that... but, when we silence them one more time saying, I'm sorry, but you just don't rank above these other activities, these other things that are happening in my life...
You're telling them, it's time to shut up. I'm no longer listening to the message.
Is that the message you want to send to your beautiful divine cells? Is that the message that you want your life to be based off of?
If you had to quantify the value of your life, I would estimate that ultimately when broken down, you'd value it very high and if you don't, you should because the reality is there's only one you. There isn't a replacement you that can mother, wife, friend, serve, inspire, love, smile, educate, or be for anyone or for you the way you can.
There isn't another version of you that can take over.
Look, I know you have spent your life pushing through, choosing you last, prioritizing everything and everyone else ahead of your vibrancy and vitality. I also know that in your 20’s and 30’s it was doable….or at least it appeared to be.  But, truth is, once the energy, balance, vitality and spark has been drained, it doesn't refill on its own.
What are you risking by not acting?
Is it worth it?
If you are ready to Thrive and Feed Your Cells and consequently feed your dreams, your visions and your best life...then set up time with us and let's see what's possible.
If you are ready for that...let's talk and see if we can help you get there.
Dr. Julie

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