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mindset May 23, 2021


Women tell me every day, I feel STUCK.
Stuck in my body
Stuck in my life
Stuck in pain
Stuck in Anger
Stuck in Sadness

Some think that stuckness is mental, that if they could shift their beliefs, the stuckness would disappear, others think it is situational, if they could just take a bit more time off, have a different job, move houses, change locations...it would stop.

But stuckness is more tangible than we realize, that sense of being trapped, immobile, it isn’t just a psychological phenomenon, it is a literal physiological state.  In fact, I have never found someone who was stuck in a belief or an emotional pattern whose body hadn’t followed that lead and become stuck too.  

In the body, this is different, stuckness causes literal congealment, thickening of the blood, deposition of plaque on arteries, fibroids, cellulite, joint pain, headaches, digestive issues, brain fog, anxiety, and immune dysfunction.  But these things don’t unwind because we move or change our beliefs, because they are spanning two worlds, the physical and the mental/emotional.  

The longer we stay STUCK, the more our systems get stuck with us, the liver stops detoxing, the lungs stop exchanging oxygen, the stomach stops producing enough acid, the pancreas stops making enough enzymes and insulin, the gut ends up with dysbiosis and the muscles end up tight or weak.

Now, the reality is, we can’t just force this to move.  Our stuck systems want nothing to do with more rigid plans...think about that irony, in face of stuckness we go rigid, more rules about food, more rules about exercise, more rules about needing every nutrient under the sun.  

Is it any wonder we don’t find the stuckness leaving?

To get unstuck, we have to know what is actually happening, not the surface BS of 
I need liver detox
My Adrenals are tired
I have candida

Nope, those tell us NOTHING about the body, those are generalized terms used by people who only know how to look at the body from a surface point of view to make themselves sound like they are doing something.  Reality is, if your liver can’t detox, there are 10 things that need to be explored..or more including cell energy function, cell response to hormones, production of ammonia and toxic lactic acid and estrogen by gut flora, tissue estrogen production, the viscosity of your blood, the cell ability to use nutrients, the functionality of the mitochondria, your glycogen storage capacity, if PUFA fats are interfering with Thyroid hormone usage, how thyroid is being converted, and on and on.

You don’t solve those issues with some detox...despite what many in the health world will tell you.

This is why we are so STUCK, because we are trying to create ease by forcing open the door when if we knew how to use the key, the door would open with very little effort.

Healing isn’t supposed to be a battering ram, it is supposed to be a collusive event of partnership and reconnection!

You don’t have to be STUCK any more!!!
You don’t have to do one more super restrictive diet, or one more detox or one more candida cleanse, you need RESTORATION and JOY and RECONNECTION and that is what this is all about!!

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