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The other option is watered down

Uncategorized Feb 10, 2019

I've noticed a really peculiar phenomena with women in their fifties... there's either a sense of urgency:

I want to live out loud now

or there is a sense of….

I don't know, maybe I have time, let me see….I'm gonna try 15 more options before I take a big leap.

Now, we all know how time seems to speed up as we traverse our life. We've been in that space where you realize something that feels like it happened six months ago happened three years ago and the funny thing is, when it comes to our body, we don't have a leeway of playing with the next five years in maybes and halfways and not done but almost there.

Our physiology has limits and when we cross those limits, it's done.

I look at these beautiful women in their fifties who are filled with vision for life...ideas of thriving and participating in big, dynamic, bountiful, beautiful ways.

Yet, too often,  I watch them shrink back into the space of exhaustion, the space of wear down and fatigue.

Wanting what amounts to a magic pill.

Wanting it to just be mindset….maybe I just need to think differently.

To which I honestly say...if mindset alone worked, the trillion-dollar industry of self-help would have produced a society of vibrant, thriving, engaged, beautiful people living their best possible lives on unhindered by anything...already.

Same way as if the diet industry worked and those books had any sway, we wouldn't have issues with diabetes, rheumatoid conditions and inflammation along with all the other conditions that emanate from those experiences.

Now, I will dare say the reason why all of that is true is people are afraid to go all in.

Even practitioners, someone said to me the other day, you know, I've seen all these practitioners and they give me the same plan that they give everyone else, and then when it doesn't work for me, they tend to insinuate that I didn't do the work.

To which I responded, it's an easier way to practice,  because diving into belief systems and emotions in the midst of diving into cells systems and how they function, making energy and balancing hormones,  healing the gut and healing energy….doing all of it, it's a hell of a lot harder way to support people than giving one size fits all protocols.

Healing...real healing gets ugly, it's nuanced, has challenges, is difficult.

When people really heal, it can at times be hard.

And as a practitioner, it's not seamless, or simple, you have to be available,  you have to be willing to listen, to change the plan, to see each person as unique and observe their cells in the context of their healing and be ready to get real.

You actually have to be willing to get into the trenches and walk through the mud with them. And few practitioners are willing to do that.

So they offer you halfway options of, pamphlets on how to meditate, or trite advice on doing yoga to drop your stress response.  They tell everyone to do autoimmune diets or put everyone on the same supplements, or meal detox powders.

They say they can't do email or phone chats because there isn't time, so consequently, they are not going to get on the phone with you on a Saturday afternoon to talk about your feelings and what you're going through, or the new realizations about where you've been in life, but I will.

These are the things that people are missing.  Now, sadly we're so used to having halfway experiences, that we're settling for halfway options so that we're not disappointed when we have to again go, yeah, that didn't work either because we're so used to not having responses that we're assuming nothing else is going to work.

Now, I don't know about you, but I'm pretty sure God didn't put me here to live halfway.

I'm pretty sure God put me here to thrive and be out loud living however that looks for my life at whatever phase I'm at.

So, the question you really have to answer for yourself is…. did I want out loud all the way, 100 percent engaged living on my own terms. Or did I want meh?

If you want meh, then cool, you can find meh on any street corner, in any blog post, in almost every self-help, Diet, health book out there.

You can find a plethora of ways to distract yourself with halfway healing to last a lifetime.  Maybe even enough to distract you until you forget what feeling amazing feels like.

I don't know about you,  but I'm not up for distraction as the means of how my life is going to be organized or focused. I really want to be alive. I want to be playing in this journey for as long as I possibly can and the women that I work with want to do that too.

So if you're done with meh and treading water and hoping that some watered-down version of healing is going to be enough to get you to where you want to go and you want to do something real then reach out because that's what I'm offering...and I can tell you….it is bigger and better than you could have ever imagined.


Dr. Julie

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