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Thin isn't always healthy

Uncategorized Feb 19, 2019

I think it's time we destroyed a misconception that's propagated widely in the world. That misconception is:  If I'm skinny, I'm healthy.

I have talked to so many women and have found that among those that don't need to lose weight, despite having a multitude of known health conditions, they will commonly say, “but overall I'm healthy.”

Now, sadly, this flies in the face of reason because if you've got known health conditions, despite wanting to proclaim your health, you no longer can stand as being healthy.

What I have found is, many of these women look at themselves and say,  I'm the correct size for my body, my BMI is great, when I go to the doctor, they think I'm doing a fantastic job.  

But how off does it feel to be able to say both “I don’t feel well” and “I think I am quite healthy because of my size”?  Now, I get it, because we live in a world which evaluates overall health, success and value on what our exterior says. Sadly, even doctors get caught up in that.  

Now I talk a lot about weight here because so many women I talk to definitely need to take off the weight, but what they need more is health regain and I'm very clear about that. We need health restoration which inherently is the process of allowing the body to balance itself out.

Now, if you think that being skinny is necessarily a denotation of your health, and I suggest you go ask a few cancer patients if that's true because I've treated so many cancer patients over the years and many, many, many of them are extremely thin and I can say the same thing about people with chronic autoimmune diseases, Lyme disease, and a lot of other chronic infections.

Thin...this does not denote healthiness and living by that principle will deprive you of a dynamic health experience.
If you apply that principle, you're going to fall short every time and I'm telling you, your primary care physician is applying that principle. All they care about is what the scale says. I hear it all the time. I've heard primary care physicians tell patients who had no weight to lose but had chronic pain, chronic fatigue, and weren't sleeping, that they were very healthy and they just should be very happy for them.
Don't let yourself get caught into the trap of assuming that thinness equals being healthy because it's not true, and in fact, most of the very, very, very sick people I have helped over the years started out extremely thin already.

Dr. Julie

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