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Trust is the magic

Uncategorized Jun 16, 2017

What if your body had a template for Divine perfection that has been trying to express itself, that's waiting to express itself, that is actually the key to your sustainable, vibrant energy, vitality, hormonal balance, all of it?

What if, because the medical model, and I'm talking natural medicine, Conventional Medicine, and health coaching...what if they're all so focused on mastering just the biochemistry or just the mindset, that they'll never teach you how to initiate the expression of that Divine perfection because it's not in their model?

See, I used to look at medicine that way, I started out as a kid being taught about that innate perfection. But then society took over and when we don't feel well, people go immediately to the biochemistry, to the organ systems, they go immediately to hormonal systems, and then we get locked into that paradigm and we begin to forget.

I remember that the first day I ever sat in a Chinese medicine lecture, the conversation was really about the inherent Divine perfection template that exists in nature that exists in us.

It's what drew me to that medicine because in my naturopathic training except for a few vitalism lectures, it was all the biochemical side.

Now we need the biochemistry. As a doctor, I need the biochemistry because there are lessons there, but we can't ever forget what the biochemistry represents and this is the thing that's missing in medicine.

Health professionals don't understand what the biochemistry really represents.

The biochemistry is a window through which we can view aspects of the function of our connection to that Divine template and then make choices that either spur it's emergence into totality or we can inadvertently make decisions that silence it.

Now, I don't think that that's the intent. Functional medicine docs, and a lot of naturopathic docs, health coaches, and conventional docs don't intend to ignore the Divinity in your cells.

It's an inadvertent consequence of a paradigm that is locked so rigidly into a biochemistry model.

This is why so many people don't heal.

What would it do to your life to be able to trust that you could partner with your cells and in the process, get out of the way of the immense Divine intelligence in your body?

What if you could eat in a way that supports it rather than hinders it and move in a way that supports it rather than hinders, and then get to a place of such complete trust that you can surrender your need to try to control your body and allow it to heal as it was always intended to do?

What would that do to your life? That's what healing is supposed to be. It's supposed to be such a complete partnership that we get to such a place of trust that we can surrender and know that our body is operating at the highest possible design and know-how to support that and know how to trust it and to live from there.

That's healing.

My clients learn this model of healing from the inside out and they learn how to grow it, sustain it and live it.

Dr. Julie

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