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When You Wake Up Feeling A Bit "Off"

Uncategorized Oct 15, 2017

Some days you just wake up feeling a bit "off".  That’s me today, a bit off, a bit fatigued, my mind a bit slow.

I try to pay attention when this happens, check in with my body, try to see if I can locate the feelings or sensations, and then feel deeper into them.  My goal is to experience their totality, not just the fact that they are there, but what I think of or notice when I draw myself into the awareness of their presence.  Today, I felt a desire for some quiet time, a tinge of frustration, a bit of sadness, and a voice speaking a sort of “I don’t want to”.

Noticing into these sensations got me thinking about how I have in the past tried to silence or mute the sensations of a day like today. Maybe stopping for a sweet coffee, or having something starchy or rich for my breakfast, or maybe just by being grumpy with others.

But today, as I noticed and honored what I was feeling I also experienced a deep sense of connection to the routines I use every day to keep me balanced, strong, and clear.  Every morning, I spend time in quiet awareness, every morning I take time to do a detoxifying coffee enema, every morning I gratefully eat a bowl of steamed vegetables and take my nourishing supplements.

In Chinese Medicine, one of the keys to a long life is being present with routine and nourishment. Yet, even I notice in my past and at times in my present where I give more attention to routines which do not hold significant power to restore or nourish me.

I felt honored to not feel so present today, and the chance it gave me to recognize just how powerful it is to pay attention to the basics and for the chance to stay connected to the realities of this moment.

Hopefully you woke today filled with joy and love and purpose, if not, maybe there are some gentle routines of daily nourishment which would be ideal to implement in your life, if you need help with that, I am here.

Until Next Time


Dr. Julie

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