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Which Mineral Do I Need?

lifeforce Aug 23, 2021

I got a message from a woman the other day saying I have anxiety,  depression, and other things going on in my body, but can you tell me why would my eye Twitch for the last four months? Is it a particular nutrient I need, a particular mineral?

Questions like these just make my heart hurt because the reality is that reductionist line of thinking keeps us so stuck.  

This drug model says, Oh, we just need to give this one drug for that symptom. 

But the model that recognizes the divinity, the complexity, the magic of your body says, this is just one of many experiences that your body is generating in order to get you to pay attention. 

We have to ask: 

What's really going on here?

What's happening in your body? 

Why is this your experience? 

How does that link to your emotions?

How does that link to the wholeness of self? 

This model of reductionism keeps us locked in these little boxes, and I'm not just talking with your health. I will venture a guess that many of you see this showing up in your career, your relationships, your sex life, your time with friends in your passions.

From this place, so many wonder why my life is so small? Why is my life so limited? Why can't I have the things I see other people having? Why can't I get the experiences that would make my soul sing, why aren't I happy? Why can't I find joy? 

The real truth is because, at every level of your being, the small view has made you forget how to see big.

I'm here to tell you that this isn't just in your mind. 

It isn't just your emotional state. 

This is literally at every level, this reductionist view of isolation and separateness is taking place in your biology.

From this place, we experience issues with hormonal communication, metabolism, mineral usage and detoxification. 

All of the organs are going to be affected.

From here, if you keep using this reductionist view, you will throw supplements, magical superfoods, magical diets, and keep spinning your wheels. 

For some of you, maybe that's okay, maybe that model of living works, perhaps there's a certain comfort in it, after all, choosing wider action means wider change occurs, and for many, this evokes fear, because we also have to admit that other things in our life will have to change with us.

For real change to happen, you have to be willing to 

Face what is real about you

Feel what you really feel

Live your honest truth

Stop needing an excuse not to participate.

This is something we walk through with a lot of the women we work with because it comes up in a myriad of ways: limited joy, obstacles to passion, body control, adversarial relationships with food, and hate filled relationships with our body parts.

These are the things we have to walk through. This is the journey of healing. 

It isn’t easy

It isn’t fast

But, the freedom of being out from under this narrow, confining model of the world is priceless.

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