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Would you talk to a child like you talk to you?

How many of you secretly wish your body would just behave?

Do you think about how tired you are and just think...this isn’t right, come on! 
Do you think about your weight and think...what’s wrong with me?
Do you try to separate from your body...distracting yourself with anything you can find just so you don’t have to be in it?

And yet, how many of you are raising kids, have raised kids or are an auntie or special inspiration to a child?

Would you ever let them talk to their body the way you talk to yours?
Would you tell your kids that their fatigue just doesn’t warrant solving?
Would you tell them to push past the pain? Suck it up?
Would you tell them they are the flaw when they are worried about their weight?
Would you put them on super restrictive diets and put them down when they didn’t succeed?
Would you send them to the gym or to enroll in a Beachbody program despite pain, fatigue and depression?
I ask because this is what I see you doing to you…
Berating you
Putting you last
Putting you down

And regardless of if you know it or not, these messages, these actions, these punishments you keep inflicting on your body for being tired, inflamed, out of balance and stuck are telling your cells to keep doing more of the same...they don’t know the difference between a command and your frustration.

And regardless of if you know or not, every day you keep putting you last, waiting for the right time, treating you lower than you would treat a stranger, the deeper the issues get, the more tired those cells, the harder it is to climb out.

I am not trying to scare you, I am trying to help you see...you live in a community of living cells, this relationship you have with you is real, this body you live in is alive, and how you regard it, how you value it determines just how much you will get out of it.

Funny thing is, that value isn’t honored because you made it to exercise class all 5 days this week, or because you avoided wheat, dairy and sugar, especially if the whole time was spent wondering if you can eat this or what would happen if you ate that...or if those exercise classes were done from tired, or pain, or anxiety.

When will you value you the way you would value your child?
When will you regard yourself the way you regard others?
When will you tell your cells you are finally done punishing them, bathing them in self loathing and learn to partner with them,learn to heal?

Will it be next week? Two years from now? When the new job comes? When you move? When the bathroom gets remodeled? 

Or will you be like the countless women this year who waited until all of it caught up to them...and there they were, sick, actually sick and at the mercy of those definitions…

I had a woman tell me once that likely it would take her losing a limb before she was really willing to do something different about her exhaustion, diabetes and heart disease...TRUTH

But, she was willing to pay for her boyfriend to take a trip, for her dog to get special food, and for her child to go to camp…

One of the biggest steps you have to take is to set your value beyond the stars, to CLAIM your worth, CLAIM your life and OWN it...because no one will do it for you, and in all truth, everyone in your life is silently setting your value, wherever you have set it.

Sometimes, we get given challenges as the DIVINE’s way of whispering in our ear...calling our attention to who we are and what we are made for...giving us reason to learn just how AMAZING and POWERFUL and BEAUTIFUL we are.

Question is, will you rise and respond? Will you claim a value and beauty you secretly know is there, but have put off until everyone else gets theirs...even if it ends up depriving those very same people of a life with you vibrant, healthy and joyful?

Right now, there is a messenger of life whispering in your ear...it is pointing you toward change, pointing you toward life, are you going to put your fingers in your ears, close your eyes and drown it out? Or are you going to partner with it, and RISE?

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